Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 39 ~

This week is all about my boy.  The other day he found a squirt gun in the garage and I had to get a picture of him with it.  You see, we don't believe in buying our kids violent toys.  We try to minimize any exposure they have to violence on television as well.   Our kids are pretty sensitive and get scared easily and I think that's fine.  So many shows and movies are so violent and scary and I just don't think it's necessary at their ages.  Don't even get me started on the violence in video games...that's why my kids will never own a video game system.  Yes, my husband has one, but he does not play violent games in front of them, and I'm planning on fighting that future battle when I get there.  And I really don't see the value in buying my little boy a bunch of swords and guns and things like that.  But, he will still turn a stick into a gun or pretend fight with a baseball bat, and that's fine...boys like fighting...I totally get that.  Maybe someday when he's begging for those types of toys I'll change my tune, but he's never asked for one at this point and I think that's awesome.  Back to the squirt gun (bought by Grandmama and used at the pool) that he picked up the other day.  I think it's like inborn that boys just know how to use a gun.   Check out these photos of him with it.

Who is this kid?  I think it's funny how he closes one eye when he plays with it.

Um, yeah.  This makes me laugh because it's so not him.  He'll probably end up being a cop or something and then I'll have to eat my words.  Check out the way he's sitting in that chair.  He's so much like a miniature little man sometimes.

Okay, there's my sweet boy.  And lest you think that he just poses all cute and smiley like that all the time, I just need to explain that he was throwing his shoes at me while I was taking these.  I have to take one for the team sometimes to get a true smile out of him.  I think it was worth it.

I had to include this because it's so him.  He thinks he's hilarious and he had to do a little booty shaking for the camera.  

I love him.  The end.

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