Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 8 ~

This week has been so busy that I didn't even get out my camera until yesterday and that was for the sole purpose of getting a picture for the blog today.  My model wasn't really in the mood.  I had to bribe him with Angry Birds.  That kid is seriously addicted to that game.  I feel bad about it too because of my no video game policy for our kids.  It's a game on my phone, so I'm not sure if it counts as a video game.  Okay, so it probably does...which is what has got me so conflicted.  I wish I had never let him play it because now he begs to play it nonstop!  I don't know if I should wean him gradually or cut him off cold turkey.  I only let him play a few minutes at a time (like 5 or 10), but I'm so tired of him crying for Angry Birds!  I don't know how you moms who let your kids play video games can stand it.  I let him play while we were visiting my grandma in the hospital, which was convenient because he was sitting still and being quiet, but it was also annoying because he wasn't interacting with anyone.  It was embarrassing for me to see him so engrossed and ignoring everyone around him. That is not how I want my kids to act.  I guess I better gear up for some serious Angry Birds withdrawal...

I love this face.  He is just so sweet!  I guess that's why it's so hard to say no to him.

This is the whiny, I want to play Angry Birds face.  It's so much more pleasant with no sound!

He's so cute, even when he's being annoying!!  I love this little face.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 7 ~

The weather this week has been amazing and I have the photos to prove it.  It does not feel like February at all.  See those pics up above?  That's what February is usually like and I hate it.  So this week's weather has been good for my soul.  Nothing lifts your mood like going outside without a coat when you've been cooped up inside your house for months wrapped in a blanket.  Of course, the first thing I did was take my camera outside while the sun was shining and chase the kids around trying to get some pics.  I got some good ones too.  These look like fall pictures to me.  You'd never guess they were taken in the dead of winter.  I know I'm going to be in for a big shock when it snows next week, but I don't care.  I'm all about this sunshine and warmth right now.  I'm sitting at my desk without socks on, people!  Do you know how huge that is for me!?  Well, it's huge.  Trust me.

I love this so much.  The light hitting his eyelashes!  Perfection.

The sunlight hitting her hair...I'm in heaven.  Normally I wouldn't present a photo with a person's chin chopped off to a client, but this is my baby girl and I like it so I'm sharing it with you anyway.  And her sweet little expression just melts me.

Another profile shot of my girl.  It's an obsession.  I love her face from this angle.  I also like how the sunlight is hitting her eye and it makes her eye look brown.  So cool.

A profile shot of my boy too.  I love the way the sunlight is hitting his eyelashes in this shot too.  

My husband.  This is his "I love you so I'm tolerating all this picture taking" face.  I love it.  He's so handsome.  Of course, I'm totally biased.

I was playing around taking pictures with sun flare and I found this tiny leaf hanging on for dear life and I love the way the sun is shining through it.

Another shot where I was just messing around trying to practice getting the right kind of sun flare.  I love that this delicate plant is still standing after all the snow and ice we've had this winter.  I think this sort of resembles a swan.  Anyone have a guess as to what kind of plant this is?
I don't know the technical term, but I've always referred to it as a money plant.  I think they are so cool.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

This is the love of my life.  See those eyes?  I am still amazed at how blue his eyes are, even after all these years together.  I can close my eyes and picture him on the day that we met and how I was so shocked at the blueness of his eyes.  I'm thinking the eyes are what sealed the deal for me that day.  Or maybe it was his green shoes he had on.  Or the plaid shorts way before that was a fashionable thing to wear.  I don't know for sure, but even after all this time when I catch his eye across the room and I see those amazing eyes it still gets my heart racing.  That he's looking at me with love in them is overwhelming sometimes.  Maybe everyone feels this way about their spouse, but I don't think so.  I think what we have is different.  This is true love.  This is for life.  This is an I want to grow old with you and have your babies kind of love.  This is an I want to wake up next to you when you are grey and wrinkly and see those amazing blue eyes staring back at me with love in them kind of love.  This man has my heart.  I love him.  And he's mine.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 6 ~

I thought I didn't take any pictures this week so I snapped a couple of my girl right before she got on the bus this morning.  Then I realized that I did have some pictures from Super Bowl Sunday, so I have a bunch this week.  My husband and my son are Steelers fans so they were all decked out in their gear.  It was a sad night for them, but the kids still had fun having a little party at my mom's house since we went to watch the game on her big screen tv.  

This is my girl taking a picture of me with her pretend camera.  I love it!  Her finger is kinda blurry because it was quite dark when I took this picture.

My boys.  This picture is so them...I tried so hard to get a good picture of them in their Steeler gear together, but if you know them you realize what a futile effort that is.  My son always makes ridiculous faces...and I gave him a haircut yesterday.  Wow, that's some wild hair.   You should have seen me trying to explain to them that they needed to have their heads closer together so that they would both be in focus...futile effort...obviously...

Another pic of them.  I think they were looking opposite ways on purpose to exasperate me while I acted like an idiot trying to get them to look at me.  I still like it though.  My husband looks very handsome from this angle.  And young.  No fair.

Here's one from this morning of my girl blowing me a kiss.

I love her.  I just want to squish her cheeks when she looks like that.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am way behind on my blogging.  I'm mostly caught up on all my work since everyone is feeling better in our family now (knock on wood) so I'm hoping to get all caught up on my blogging too.  Today's blog is about my daughter's birthday party which was a few weeks ago now, but I still want to share about it, because my baby girl only turns 7 once!  This year I took her to the party store and let her pick her own birthday theme.  She chose princess.  It was a generic, pink princess theme, and by generic I just mean that it wasn't one of the famous princesses.  We decorated in pink and more pink.  It was perfect for my girly girl.  She decided that she wanted cupcakes this year instead of a cake.  And she wanted cherries on top of them.  She knew what she wanted this year...gone are the days of me deciding her party themes, she's a big kid now.  This was for her family party which we do every year.  I let her decide if she wanted to have some friends over for a kid party or take one friend and do something special.  Since she couldn't narrow down her party list enough (I said no more than 7 friends and her list was a mile long with every little girl she knows on it) she decided to invite just one special friend to see Tangled with us.  That was a great movie, by the way, and we had a great time and it was so much easier and cheaper than having a party!  Already she's been to a party for a friend at school that involved limo rides for about 25 little girls.  How am I supposed to compete with that?  I am so happy that my sweet girl is content with what we are able to give her.  Here are some pics of her party!

Seven!  I still can't believe it.

We have had that tent for a long time and it had been in the basement so I brought it back up for the party and it looked perfect!

The cupcakes.  We made an assembly line where I frosted, my son did the sprinkles and my daughter did the cherries.  Yum.

When we were at the party store she begged for this crazy headband so I caved in and got it for her.  It was from the section of the store meant for adult Forty and Fabulous or something like that.  She also insisted on wearing her old Halloween costume from 2 years ago as her party dress.  She has tons of really pretty church dresses that I was hoping she'd choose from, but hey, it's her party...

Opening gifts.  She got a lot of zhu zhu pet accessories.

And some new clothes.  I love that she loves to get new clothes!  

Wearing her new earmuffs.  One of the few things she begged for.

She even wore them while blowing out her candles!

I love this picture.

She got this dress with a matching dress for her doll.  She also got the cutest American Girl nightgown for her and her doll too and she loves it.  That's Ruby.  When my daughter is tan in the summer I think she looks just like her.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!  I know she's seven, but she will always be my baby!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 5 ~

It was a rough week for me this week.  I've been sick and moms should not be allowed to get sick.  My house is a mess and my family has been eating really weird dinners this week.  I learned some things about my family this week though and how they relate to illness.  1.  My daughter will not ever become a nurse.  Ever.  She was hiding her face and covering her ears at the mere mention of throw up.  2.  She gets this from my husband...enough said.  3.  My sweet baby boy is very compassionate to sick people.  He sat with me in the bathroom and cuddled with me on the couch, got me a glass of water without me even asking and brought me more blankets when I had the chills.  4.  When I am sick I want my mom.  5.  My mom no longer wants to be near me when I am sick.  6.  I should not ever get sick.

Enough about the sickness.  I'm feeling much better today.  I took a couple pictures of my son yesterday because I knew I would need something to post for today.  He was sliding down the steps on top of his sister's sleeping bag which is made from slippery material.  He called it his sled.  One more thing about being sick.  7.  My kids get away with all kinds of things they normally wouldn't.

I love this boy.

I decided to get a little creative with this next shot.  I am a minimalist when it comes to editing.  My philosophy is if  I take a really great photo, then it shouldn't require a bunch of fancy editing.  But, in an effort to grow and learn as a photographer, I thought I'd play around a little with this picture.  It was pretty boring to start with, just him sitting on the steps.  I cropped it in because I really just wanted to draw attention to his cute dimple and smile which is what drew me to this pic in the first place.  Then I added some texture and a small border. I think it looks much more interesting now.

Have a healthy weekend everyone!


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