Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 17

When we first moved here I kept thinking how leisurely and laid back our lives were.  I'm trying to maintain a laid back attitude in the midst of our much busier lives now that we've gotten connected with other people.  It seems I never have time to sit down and write my blog, or even time to get all my household chores done.  I'm actually looking forward to summer break more than ever.  We will hopefully be able to get back to our more laid back lifestyle without all of the commitments we usually have.  After all, I've got important things to do, like sit on the beach with my toes in the sand. :)  I am happy that we are an active family though.  I wouldn't say that our activities are stressful, actually all of them are enjoyable for the most part and I don't really want to give any of them up.  We finally got out on a family bike ride this past weekend and it was so much fun.  And the kids' junior golf league is actually pretty awesome while I enjoy the beautiful scenery and the amazing weather each week as they play.  This is pretty much the life I envisioned when we contemplated moving to a warmer climate, except there were a lot more beach days in my mind.  It's okay though, we are actually going there tonight.  And the fact that it's right there, a mere 15 minute drive away, is a pretty comforting thought.

This past weekend was Easter and of course I had to take some photos.  I was even able to get a rare photo of the 4 of us together.  I've got a bunch of favorites to share so here goes...

The Easter Bunny made an appearance at our house, of course.  My girl was being silly acting like a bunny all week.

I took some shots in our courtyard after church.  He had a suit coat that went with his outfit, but you should have seen his face when he had it on...he was not a fan.  So I let him take it off.  This look is more him anyway.  His poses are so cute.

His sweet face just kills me.  I love him so much!

She was really excited to wear this dress.  Then I curled her hair to make it a little more fancy and then all shades of drama ensued because apparently I made her look like a 'mushroom head'.  Luckily it mostly straightened back out before these photos.  Lucky for me, I mean... ;)

I love her sweet face!

Trying to get a photo of them together is always a fun challenge.  This turned out pretty good though!

Me and my girl.

She wanted us to do silly poses so I'm posting this for her.  It's her favorite because she says it makes me look like a fun mom. :)

My boys.  I love this.

Family photo time.  A neighbor was out and offered to take a pic of the four of us.  I think this turned out  pretty good!

I almost forgot about our new pet this week.  His name was Fido.  We researched and found out he turns into a moth so we were going to keep him and watch his metamorphosis.  My girl liked to take him out of his container and let him walk around on the sidewalk a couple times a day just for fun and one day she took her eyes off him a little too long and he escaped.  Oh well, he was fun while we had him.

And this happened this morning.  The snaggle tooth is gone!  I knew it was going to fall out any day, it was just hanging there.  He looks so adorable like this I can barely stand it!!  He talks a little bit funny and it is so cute!

I'm promise I'm going to try to post more often.  I have a whole list of things to blog to find the time to do it!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 16

I had one goal in mind with my photos this week.  That was to capture my boy's snaggle tooth in a photo.  I know it looks totally crazy and it cracks me up.  I also know it won't be like that much longer (which I'm not too upset about either), but I do want to remember it.  I can also now see why people who have iPhones take so many pictures with them.  It's just so convenient!  I took way more pics with it than with my 'real' camera.  I'm going to try to take my camera with me to golf next week so I can get some better pics of my kids in action there.  Plus it's just such a beautiful setting.  We saw a Roseate Spoonbill which is a bird that I thought was a pink flamingo at first because it's just as pretty.  I didn't get any pics though.  I'm hoping to spy it again next time we go.  And I keep hearing stories about how there are gators on this golf course, so I'm hoping to see one at some point.  Okay, enough talk about what I want to take pics of and more sharing of actual ones I've taken.  :)  Here are my favorite pics of the week...

Haha, it's just so stinkin cute!!

Okay, this was black and white before I uploaded it here to blogger, so I'm totally wondering why it looks more brown than grey now.  I've been thinking that blogger is doing something weird to my photos for a the blacks aren't as black or something but it's very subtle.  I guess I'm off to investigate this issue because it's driving me nuts!  At least you can still see his crazy tooth and adorable dimple!

Update:  I figured it out!  It was Google+ doing it.  If you go to Settings and then uncheck auto enhance for images it fixes it!  

Have a great Easter weekend!  I will be back next week with some Easter pics I'm sure.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 15

This week we are finally slowing things back down now that all of our out of town visitors are gone.  I miss them, but it's nice to be just us again, you know?  I didn't get my camera out at all this week, but I did get some shots last Friday from the beach that I took after my last post, so I'm just gonna count that.  I've been busy learning how to Instagram which is like my new favorite thing.  It's so easy!  I now understand how you could go weeks without picking up a 'real' camera.  If you want to follow me on Instagram just search for shawnapeto and you should find me.  I still don't get how the hashtag thing works so if you are on there feel free to explain it to me!  I feel so behind the times...when did I get so old?!?

The kids joined a junior golf league this week and we went to the course last night to play 9 holes.  It was so fun to watch them and they learned so much.  And I got in quite the little workout walking the whole way with them.  I'm looking forward to their weekly matches.  They go out at 5pm and are the last people on the course so we get to enjoy the sunset and have the place to ourselves.  I forgot how beautiful golf courses can be.

I have some beach photos and a golf photo to share this week, and since those 2 activities are a big part of our lives since we moved here I think it's rather appropriate.  Here are my favorites.

I took this with my iPhone last night.  The sprinklers came on as we left the last hole.  It was so beautiful watching the sunset and being outside in the gorgeous weather.

I love her reflection in this one.  I have a sort of obsession with shots of her like this at the beach, but I just love them so I'm going to keep sharing them.

My little niece.  I sure miss her!!  She was having so much fun playing in the sand.

The boys.  I know this isn't like the most creative or best photo, but I just love it anyway.  I love that they are best friends and that they get to have so many fun memories growing up together.  They had matching shirts and they were so excited about it, it was adorable.  I just know I will love looking back on photos like this in a few years!

My obsession with back shots strikes again!  I love her hair like that. 

Instagram shots from this morning.  I took the one on the left knowing that his tooth would most likely fall out today, and I was right!  He asked for some granola as a snack and that did it.  He said he was eating and felt something too crunchy so he spit it out in the garbage and realized it was his tooth!  Then he couldn't find it and was crying because he wanted to keep it, so I had one of those crazy mom moments (you know, like the ones where you catch puke in your hands?!) and dug through the trash can and actually found it.  He says he's not giving it to the Tooth Fairy though...he's going to try to trick her and leave some little ball of paper instead of his tooth so he can keep it.  We'll see how that goes! :)

We are headed to the driving range this afternoon.  Golf is big in our house, what can I say...  Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 14

It's Spring Break week for us this week.  We've been hanging out with my brother and his family who came to visit us (and the beach).  It's been a lot of fun and it's gone by way too fast!  We've been to the beach, gone putt-putting, and been out to eat more than once.  It's like we are on vacation too, but we're not.  Perks of living in vacation land, I guess.  I got my new phone this week too so I've been learning to use Instagram and figure out how to take good pictures with it.  It's fun but I need a ton more practice.  I took my big camera out a few times too, so I do have some pics to share with you guys.  I've got to make this post brief because we are headed out to the beach for our last day with the cousins.  It's going to be hard for my kids to say goodbye. :(

I love this photo of my sweet little niece.  She is such a cutie and she says she wants to stay and live with us. I told her to just keep trying to convince her daddy to move here.  :)

I couldn't decide which one was my favorite so I'm sharing both.  I love her smile in this one.

This was taken a different night at sunset.  I love my girl running out to the water.  There was a fun little sandbar on the beach that night and the sunset was gorgeous.

I love watching the sun dip below the horizon.  So beautiful.  Love the silhouette of my girl in this shot.

The sky was stunning.  This doesn't even begin to do it justice.

Back to reality next week, but we've got the weekend still.  Hope yours is great!


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