Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Izzy ~A Photo Shoot~

Let me just start by saying that when you meet a friend at work and then you stay friends even after you don't work there anymore, that's a true friend.  Some good friends of ours (one of whom worked with my husband at one point, and who just happened to have an awesome wife who I am now friends with) just had their first baby.  Everyone who knows them couldn't wait for them to have kids because they are that couple that everyone's kids adore.  I mean, my kids cannot wait for them to come over and chase them around the house and cause all sorts of mayhem.  Everyone knew they would make amazing parents.  And now here they are, with this adorable, perfect baby girl.  And we were right, I can already tell after just two weeks with this little person that she thinks they are amazing and they think she is.  What a sweet family and what a pleasure for me to be able to capture some of their love on camera.  They warned me that she has a temper, but she was a perfect little angel for me. 

Makes me want another one...just kidding...kinda.

I'm not sure what she was more confused by, my enormous camera in her face, or the enormous flower in her face.  Have to give her mom a hard time about the flower. :)

Love those sweet baby lips.

Love her intense eyes.


I adore this picture!  What a gorgeous momma!

I love the expressions on both their faces...

I wore her out.

Congratulations you guys!  We can't wait to watch little Izzy grow up and be joined by some more little "jams" in the future!

Friday, November 20, 2009


What is the obsession with vampires and werewolves?  Um, they are totally hot and mysterious.  Yes, I am one of those people who loves the Twilight series.  I really didn't want to like them.  I thought, these books are for teenagers, they are lame, I refuse to read them.  Then my mother insisted that I read them since she read them and thought they were fabulous.  So, I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try, my mother has never steered me wrong.  And you know what, I was completely sucked in (no pun intended) and I loved them!  Yeah, they are a little teenagerish, what with all the swooning and pining and obsession with a boy, but hey, I was pretty much like that in high school, so I can relate.  And the vampire stuff is actually pretty intriguing and interesting.  I will be seeing New Moon tonight and I'm super excited, just like a teenage girl.  What can I say, I am a little pathetic at times, but I refuse to apologize for it.

My son woke up the other day from his nap and his hair reminded me of Edward.  Oh yeah, I'm Team Edward all the way!!!

The Race




Friday, November 13, 2009

Capturing the Quiet

The quiet moments at our house are few and far between.  With all the kids running around it seems that there is always some sort of noise.  Even if it's just the constant talking and singing.  No one ever tells you about the lack of quiet before you have kids.  There is like this constant background noise.  Maybe I'm just more sensitive to it than most people...after all, my family has at times referred to me as the "librarian" for my hatred of loudness.  It didn't help that I grew up in a family with four kids and a father who liked the tv on at all times turned up to a level that drowned us all out.  Which, by the way, I have found that my husband now does the same thing!  It still bothers me too.  I mean, don't you think that turning the tv up is just adding to the chaos?  Anyway, I have learned to cherish silence.  When it only happens once in a blue moon you really do appreciate it.  The other day I was snapping pictures of the kids, just practicing using the fully manual mode and I happened to catch a few of those quieter moments on film. 

Here's my son concentrating on something.  I just adore his long eyelashes.  You can't really see them sometimes since they are so light, but they are there.

Here's my daughter pretending to sleep.  Hey, pretend sleep is good too, as long as they are quiet!  Just wish it lasted longer...  I adore her eyelashes too.  She's so lucky they are dark and she won't have to be like me obsessing about my mascara since mine are practically transparent.

Hopefully you can enjoy some quiet today and please cherish it for me if you do.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogger's Block

It seems I can't think of anything interesting to write about this week.  It's not like nothing has happened, I just don't have any pictures to prove it.  My mom had her 60th birthday party which was fun, but I didn't take pictures.  My grandparents had their 64th (wow) wedding anniversary, and I took my camera over to their house to take a picture of them and my grandpa wasn't home.  We had Mom's Night Out last night and we went and painted pottery.  I've never done that before and it was so fun!  I'm so indecisive that it took me forever to decide what to paint and I almost ran out of time.  But I forgot my camera, so no pics of that either.  Today is my husband's birthday too, but we are just staying home and having cake and it's not a very pretty one since it has an Xbox theme.  Maybe it's just that too much is happening and it's hard to pick one thing to write about.  I don't know, but I'm going to try to get back to my usual posting starting tomorrow.  Hopefully by then my blogger's block will be gone. 

Here's a random picture of my daughter on Halloween because everyone knows blog posts are more fun when they have a picture.

Peace out.


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