Friday, March 24, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Weeks 10-12 ~

I am totally failing at my weekly posts, but I'm gonna keep trying!  I didn't even get my camera out for personal use in the last 3 weeks until about an hour it's not even like I've been taking photos but have no time to post.  I just keep forgetting!  I really have no excuse.  My sweet boy let me take a few photos of him on the balcony so I would have something to post.  I have been working on getting my blog ready to print into a book though.  My whole intention in starting this blog was to have it printed into a book each year and so far I've only printed 2009.  I'm that far behind, but I'm determined to catch up.  I caught my boy reading through it the other day and I loved seeing him enjoying it so much so now I'm on a mission to get another one printed soon.  In the meantime I'll just keep adding new posts, so here you go.  My favorite boy.

 I know, more shirtless photos, I swear he won't keep a shirt on!  I kinda love it though.

He's the cutest redhead boy I've ever seen and he's still the sweetest too.  I love him so much I can't stand it!  I'm so happy to have this boy in my life.  He always knows how to make me smile.   

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Friends Photo Shoot!

I had so much fun taking photos of these girls!  They are all so sweet and silly and have such a great time together.  They never make me feel like I'm just an old, annoying mom hanging around.  It kinda feels like they are my friends too and I love that.  The day I took these photos it was freezing out so they had to totally change up the outfits they had planned for something warmer but I think they turned out great.  We went to downtown Safety Harbor and just drove around and stopped and got out when we saw something that we thought would be cute for a backdrop.  It was very spontaneous and I love that!  The girls all had lots of great pose ideas and were naturals in front of the camera. I seriously could do photo shoots like this all day.  Having friends there makes it so much more fun!  I have a ton of favorites so here they are!

Too cool for you.

I love this bright mural we found!

My fav.
I love that my girl has such amazing, sweet, godly girls as friends.  I have even become friends with all their moms.  I hope we all stay friends for many years to come and have many more photo shoots as they grow up.  

Friday, March 3, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Weeks 8 & 9

I promise I'm going to actually post this weekly and not every other week...I think.  I have commitment issues I guess.  Anyway, I also promise I'm not going to make every post about our dog. But the past two weeks all I've taken photos of is her!  So, here are some favorite photos of her and her favorite human.  I went with them on one of their walks and we went down by the Bay and it was so pretty.  Too bad our dog has such tiny legs that we can't walk too far or we end up having to carry her on the way back.  She's definitely not a dog that's going to help you get in shape.  That's okay though because have you seen how cute she is?!  We got her groomed and now with her hair cut I can't even stand it sometimes, I mean the other day I looked over at her and thought she was a stuffed animal for a second.  :) 

I love the photos of her walking next to her favorite person because you can really tell how tiny she is.  See you next week with hopefully some more interesting pics!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

She's a Teenager!

So, I know I've already mentioned it a few times, but we have a teenager in the house now!  I feel like we celebrated her birthday for an entire week this year which is exactly how she likes it.  It started with the arrival of the Ohio friends and ended with a slumber party with a few Florida friends.  Her actual birthday was on a Wednesday.  We woke her up by playing a crazy cat video on my phone and I think we went to the beach that day (neither of us can remember!) and she took her friends to youth group at church that night.  She didn't want to go initially because they sometimes sing to you and make you stand on a chair or something and she absolutely hates being the center of attention so she texted her leader and made him promise no singing.  So we made her stand on a chair at home while we sang to her before she blew out her birthday candles on her cake.  :)

Once her Ohio friends flew home, she was ready to celebrate again with some of her Florida friends.  She decided to just do a small celebration this year and only invited 3 friends.  We started off with them doing their hair and makeup because I took them to do a photo shoot too.  We didn't go to the beach this time though so they look totally different.  I'll post a bunch in my next blog post.  After freezing at our photo shoot we headed home to pizza and a movie and woke up to cinnamon rolls before church.  

I love that we got to celebrate my girl for a week!  Becoming a teenager is such an exciting milestone and I seriously still can't believe she is one sometimes.  Here are a few photos of her birthday fun.  Scroll to the bottom for the annual birthday survey. Be sure to read her answers in an exasperated, annoyed, teenagery sort of tone in your head.  She may have been upset with me while I gave her the survey.  ;) 

The Birthday Survey

~How old are you? 13
~How does being 13 make you feel? Feels like the same.
~What do you want to learn this year? Learning? How to take Buffy outside without really taking her outside which I don't think can be done.
~What was the best thing about being 12? Um, {giggling}, like the best part? Of my year of being twelve or what? Yes. When Madi and Julia came.
~What did you do for your birthday? Had a party with a few of my friends and on my actual birthday we went to the puppy store, and I went to youth group. Remember how I work you up? {Eye roll, big sigh}...Yes I remember. Do you want to talk about it? You woke me up with a crazy video with cats.
~What is your favorite color? Aqua blue
~What is your favorite food? Boston Creme donuts
~Who is your favorite person? I don't know. You have to pick one. Buffy. She's not a person. Jesus, he was a person. How about a person who is living on earth right now. Fine, {eye roll}, you.
~What grade are you in? 7th
~What is your favorite thing to do for school? I guess reading.
~What is your favorite game to play? Uno
~What do you like to do with Daddy? I like to go on walks with him.
~What do you like to do with Mommy? I like watching movies with you and going shopping.
~What do you like to do with your brother? I like playing with Buffy with him. That's fun.

~What’s your favorite thing to do with the whole family? Movie night.
~What’s your favorite store? The mall, because it has all the stores. Mwahaha.
~What’s your favorite place to eat? Rumba
~What’s your favorite book? The Hunger Games
~What’s your favorite song? Let it all go by Birdy
~What’s your favorite thing about God? That He loves me no matter what.

~What do you want to do this year? See the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I don't know what else. Uh, this is horrible because I know you're typing all the I don't know, um's. I'm a live in the moment kind of person, I don't like planning.
~What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to own a bookstore. And have a pet fox.
~What's your favorite animal? A red fox.


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