Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 29 ~

I joined this fabulous group Lemonade and Lenses and they have a bi-monthly project to help inspire and motivate photographers.  The first theme was 'stripes' and today was supposed to be the last day to post a photo and of course in the entire two weeks since I've known about it I hadn't taken one single photo that would qualify.  Figures.  So, I talked to my girl this morning to see how she'd feel about modeling for me in something striped.  She was all for it so we scoured her closet and came up with this dress.  Then I decided to do something different with her hair and I came up with this little side bun.  I love it and so did she!  I definitely think it's going into heavy rotation with the oh so popular ponytail in back and Laura Ingalls braids.  I took all of these photos in our backyard.  It's nice because I already know where the good spots are, but the light was a little different since I normally do evening photos there.  I kinda love the hazy look the sun gave these though.  And I processed them to be a little warm and pink just for fun.  Here you go...

She is totally my muse.  I love her face.  I love the way she moves her body.  I love the way she is so graceful and fluid and she doesn't even know she's doing it.  I love her serious face.  I love her squishy cheeks.  I love her hair and the way the wind grabs it.  I hope she continues to indulge me in the future, but for now, these photos represent just how I see her today.  They are perfect.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And Everything Nice ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This photo shoot is of my sweet little nieces.  I did their photos last year as well Sugar and Spice ~ A Photo Shoot ~ and that shoot is worth checking out just to see how much they've grown!   I love taking their photos so much since it gives me a chance to try to capture their cute little personalities.  We started out in my backyard and then headed over to a local park to do the rest.  They were troopers and kept up with me even though they really just wanted to go to the playground (I would too if I were them).  My daughter came along to provide some entertainment and they got to see her infamous booty smacking dance.  Hey, whatever works for a smile... Here are some of my many favorites from their shoot.

I have the most beautiful nieces!

I adore this photo of her.  She is so beautiful!  No way does she look like a six year old.

Don't they have the most beautiful blue eyes?!   She is such a cutie, I just wanna squish her!

This is so her.  She was doing some modeling for me while flipping her hair.

She always has this sweet, angelic look about her.  I've heard stories that she's not always so angelic, but I've never witnessed it.  I'm sure she gets away with murder with this cute face.

I love this's just so summery.  The perfect backdrop and I love her butterfly headband.  I love when the outfits and the location work together so well.

Love this too.

She looks so big in this photo!  They are growing up so fast.

I love her smile!

Posing again.  Love her.

Love her too.

Last one.

I am so lucky to have such adorable nieces to photograph as they grow up!  I hope to do their senior photos someday...won't it be fun to look back each year at them?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 28 ~

As I sat down this morning to post something I realized that I didn't take one single photo this week!  That's very unusual for me.  I guess it's because my kids have been at VBS in the mornings and it has been so ridiculously hot outside that we spend the rest of the day inside.  Ugh, I know I complain alot about the cold and I usually love it hot, but when it gets over 100 degrees I start to get cranky about it.  But I would rather this than freezing cold any day.  Okay, back to my point, I do have one.  I realized I hadn't taken any photos and my kids are gone right now, so I took some pics of the only person  Self portraits seem so vain, but really they are the farthest thing from it.  When you sit and look at a photo of yourself it seems to magnify your every flaw.  I can see every wrinkle and blemish staring me in the face.'s the thing.  I adore old photos of my mother.  I really do.  She was so beautiful and I love to see what she looked like when she was my age (probably because I look a lot like her).  It's weird because when you are a kid you don't really pay attention to what your parents look like.  So I figure I need some pics of my so my daughter can look back and see what I looked like someday.  Here's me, age thirtysomething.

I have a hard time getting my camera to focus on what I want it to when I'm on the wrong side of it.  But I like how it caught my eyelashes in this one.

Can I just explain how awkward it is to smile at a camera when you are sitting in a room by yourself?  I try to do smiling self portraits and they just look weird.  So here's another serious one.  And I just now realized that my logo makes me look like I have some sort of rash on my forehead...I'm too lazy to redo it, so just ignore that please.

Hopefully next week we'll be able to breath when we go outside and I'll be able to get some more interesting pictures.  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From the Archives

2004.  Back when my girl was a baby and my husband and I looked ridiculously young.  Back when we had a 2 bedroom house and my husband worked from home and shared his office with the nursery.  I have always loved this picture of my chubby cheeked girl sleeping on her daddy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 27 ~

I'm in a hurry to get to the pool, so this is gonna be brief.  I was at the pool yesterday too and I snapped a couple pics of my kids.  I know, we have a hard life. :)

I love her, crazy smile, pool hair and all.

I'm pretty sure in a couple years I will not be able to post bathing suit photos of her anymore without her getting upset, so I'm doing it now.

The like to be wrapped up like burritos.  Yum.  I could eat them up they are so cute!

Peace out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage ~ A Photo Shoot ~

When I think of this couple and their wedding, one word comes to  They had a huge wedding party with some crazy fun people and they just were so happy and calm about getting married.  It was perfect.  Just how you should be on the best day of your life.  And they were surrounded by so many fun, supportive people that just made it even better.  They had a beautiful summer day, a beautiful bride, a gorgeous downtown church and it was pretty much a photographer's dream.  I have so many favorite photos to share so here goes...

I love this.  Such a beautiful bride and I loved her dress.

The groom.  I'm in love with these urban shots.

The ring bearers faces are killing me.  So adorable!

I love this wall of ivy!

I also loved her veil.  So classic.

The inside of the church was so unbelievably gorgeous.  


The tiered ruffles on her dress were beautiful.  Such amazing detail.

Little flower girl all ready to go.

I love this of the girls looking up at her.

What a precious moment, right before they opened the doors to walk down the aisle.

I am completely in love with this picture!  I love how she was looking right at me, and you know I have a soft spot for redheads...

Mr. and Mrs.

This spiral staircase was beautiful.  That whole church was just amazing.

We went a few blocks down to the P&G lawn for some outside shots.

Love this.

Off to the party...and I mean it, these people know how to party!  The beautiful cake.

Okay, so I usually dread wedding toasts and they had four, but seriously, I think they could all have careers in stand up comedy.  Some of the best toasts I've heard in a while!

The father daughter dance was one of the highlights of the night.  They danced to "Simply the Best" and it was awesome.  This is right after her dad took off his coat and threw it.

Had to share another.

I totally love the garter tradition, and his smile is so cute.

They danced, and danced...heads chopped off to protect the innocent.

I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this wedding.  What a wonderful, sweet couple with an amazing group of family and friends.  I wish you all the best!


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