Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 20 ~

We went to my cousins farm last weekend so I could take pictures of her super smiley, absolutely adorable baby girl who just turned one.  While we were there I snapped a couple pics of my daughter out in a field.  She discovered Little House on the Prairie while we were on vacation (central time and a lack of channels one day and it was the only child appropriate show I could find) and she loves it so much.  Which makes me happy because I loved that show when I was little.  She's even taking to saying "Yes, ma'am" to me like Laura does to her mom.  Anyway, this picture of her just reminded me of her newfound love with the yellow flowers and her braids in her hair.

Our new little friends who we found in a bush right next to our deck.  The kids keep checking on them every day.  They are so cute!

If you have a son then I'm sure you are aware that Cars 2 is coming out soon.  This is his face when he was sitting on the couch talking to me and all of a sudden a preview for the movie came on.  Love his expressions.

I'm looking forward to this weekend of no rain, a friend's wedding, Taste of Cincinnati, a trip to the cemetery, and cookout!  Should be lots of fun!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wish We Were Here

I feel like a broken record, but I really, really need to move closer to a beach.  Ever since our vacation my son has been talking about how much he wishes we lived at the beach and he's totally preaching to the choir.  I miss it so much!  It doesn't help that I'm pretty much stuck inside all day because of all the rain.  I miss the salty air and the sand and the breeze and just the laid back feel of everything there.  So, because of my intense longing for all of it, I thought I'd post some photos from our vacation.  It's like torture and therapy all at the same time when I look at these.   Torture because it makes me want to go back so badly and therapy as I relive all of the wonderful moments we had.  Hope you enjoy reliving it with me...

Ahhh....I wish this were my view right now.  I love how she adds special touches to her sand castles.  Maybe she'll have a talent for interior design someday.

My sweet girl showing off her shell.

I love these!  And notice my girl in the background lounging by the shore.

I love how he squints one eye when it's bright.  I call it his pirate face.

And because he can't help but turn anything into a golf club, here he is golfing with his shovel.  Pretty good form, don't you think?

I love how happy she is here.  Notice the little graveyard of seashells in front of her.  I don't think that's what she intended, but I can't help thinking that's what it looks like!

She dug a huge hole and then decided to bury herself in it...only she got stuck and couldn't get out.  Daddy to the rescue!  And that's her bowing on the bottom right...she's a little entertainer for sure.

Love this!  The shadow, the splash, his huge hands, his little birthmark on his leg.

By the pool one day...

My boys.

I love these next three.  Priceless.

I caught this fish!!  At first I thought it was a piece of seaweed floating around and then I thought maybe it was dead, but then I scooped it up with a shell net and it started wriggling like crazy!  We watched him for a while and then let him go.

Napping on the beach.  Sweetest thing ever.

Okay, enough torturing myself for one day.  Back to reality.  At least the sun starting to peek through the clouds.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 19 ~

This was a slow week for personal photos.  I literally only took 9 photos this week.  It definitely makes it easier when trying to pick what picture to use for Photo Friday, although none of them this week were particularly exciting.  When we got back from the beach it was really hot here for the next couple of days and I was so excited that we were going to not have to go back to the cold...boy was I wrong!  The past week has been nothing but cold and rain.  After turning our air conditioner on for those two hot days, we had to turn our furnace back on it got so depressing.  Needless to say, we have been feeling a little stir crazy around here.  While I was on the computer the other day getting some work done I looked behind me and saw this...

 He's gotten creative at entertaining himself.  This is our extra piano bench turned upside down and used for a balance beam.  Hey, as long as he's not getting hurt or breaking anything, I'm cool with it.  I love that you can see his dimple here.

Same day...I looked over and saw this.  Perfect little parking spots for Hot Wheels.  Who knew?  

Luckily, the sun is shining today and it's gorgeous out!!  I need to get off this computer and get outside.  Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7 Days ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This perfect baby belongs to one of my oldest and dearest friends.  When I went over to her house to meet this little guy I had no idea what I was in for.  He reminds me so much of my son that it's not even funny.  His red hair is absolutely gorgeous.  I could barely turn any photos to black and white because why would I not want to show it off?  And the only reason I put a hat on this baby is because it was kinda cold outside and he needed one!  He is simply one of the sweetest, most beautiful babies I have ever seen.  It is very dangerous for me to be around more babies, no more babies...I have to keep telling myself that.  Okay, here's the pics so you can see what I mean!

Love this.  He is so tiny!

He was awake when I first got there and he was such a content baby.

Gotta love little baby feet.

This little hat is the one that he got from the hospital.  I love this picture.

Totally relaxed started sprinkling and didn't even faze him.

Love his hands in this one.

My absolute favorite.

His little cry.  I love this!  He's even adorable when he cries!

Finally got to use my Pepsi box!  Too bad his dad is a Coke fan.

Is that a smile?  So precious.

Did I mention that he is #6?!  

To say that he is loved is an understatement.  Five doting brothers and sisters equals one lucky baby.

Last one.  Back in mamma's arms after an exhausting photo shoot.  

I had so much fun with this beautiful boy.  I could hold him and take pictures of him all day.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golf + Pirates

Whoever decided to combine mini golf with pirates was a genius.  At least for my family.  My kids talk about Pirate Golf all year long and we only get to play there one week a year.  So the excitement level was pretty high when we decided to go one evening on our vacation.  To say that we are competitive would be an understatement.  It gets a little intense between my husband and I.  Last year we only played twice and we both won.  This year I claimed the title twice!  It's official...I am the best golfer in the family. : )

On the first hole...let the games begin!  By the way, my son is a lefty golfer which is why he looks like he's hitting it backwards.  


His reaction to his sister's hole in one.  He did get one the second time we golfed after many attempts on the same hole...whew!   He wanted a hole in one so badly.

My kids love all the creepy pirate stuff.

More shots of them in action.  That's my daughter doing some modeling on the right.

Family of criminals!  I love this!

The second time we went to Pirate Golf they decided to wear their pirate clothes.  I love this shot of the two of them.  I didn't take the camera to the course for the second time because the competition was too intense.

I love our yearly vacation tradition.  More photos to come of the beach soon!  I love reliving my vacation through photos!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 18 ~

I just have to apologize in advance for the picture overload today.  I had a seriously hard time narrowing down over 600 (after deleting a bunch from my camera during the ride home) photos taken on our vacation last week and this week.  We had the most amazing, relaxing, and fun time.  Our kids are old enough now that vacation doesn't seem like so much work and we can really enjoy them.  They loved the ocean this year and they both got in and swam.  My son finally got over his aversion to sand and had a great time digging, using his shovel as a golf club (only my son...) and knocking down sand castles.   My daughter loves sand...laying in it, burying herself in it, fake falling down in it, running in it, and getting it all over everything and everyone.  We took walks on the beach, went to Pirate Golf twice, ate lots of good food, watched the sunset, swam, and just sat...there's a lot to be said for just sitting and looking at the ocean or the pool and not sitting and looking at a screen of some sort.  It does wonders for a person.  I think that's my favorite part of vacation.  People were meant to look at's just so uplifting and relaxing.  Okay, now sit and look at my photos on the screen. : )

She loves the beach just like her mamma.  She is not one to sit still though.  I love her braid swinging.

My little pirate.  He loves all things pirate right now.

Looking for shells.  She always finds the best ones for some reason.  On our first day she find a huge, perfect shell.  In this photo she was picking up pieces of sand dollars and she wanted me to glue them together.

There's just something about this picture that I love.  I think it's the movement of her hair and the glistening of the water.

My babies in their hats.  We finally found one approved by my boy, he doesn't like the kind with the chin strap because, "Those are for babies."  This one was perfect since when it blew off we didn't have to go chasing it down the beach.  And yes, the water is really that blue in real life.  Sigh...I wish I were still there!

We had perfect weather the whole time we were there and these were some of the only clouds we saw.  I think they look fake they are so perfect.

A picture of the bay.

Every year we do sunset photos one evening.  I love how the sunset makes my son's hair look so red.

My cuties.

I've been having a really hard time getting a real smile out of him lately.  This one is real because he thought it was really funny when he stepped right in front of his sister when she was posing for a shot.  Stinker.  I love his new freckles too.

I love this face he makes right before he smiles.  It's just so him.

My beautiful girl.  I adore her profile.  And I love the pink light from the sunset hitting her skin.

I love, love, love this.  I have to find a spot in my house to frame it.

I love how much they love each other.

Another profile shot, I know...  But I love the silhouette of her face with the sun setting in the background.

Last one.  I love this out of focus shot of the sunset.  It's just how the sunset looks when you try to remember it.  The reflection off the water is perfect.

Hope you enjoyed these because there are way more coming up in the next few posts!!  Have a great weekend!


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