Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 42 ~

All of this week's photos were taken while we were on our weekend getaway to the Smokey Mountains.  I've been going there since I was born and it's so nice to continue the tradition with my kids now.  My grandma was born and raised there and some of her brothers still live there.   My grandparents have a home there that we stay in and it's on the same road as all of my uncles and some cousins.  My daughter made friends with one of her distant cousins who is the same age as her and it was so sweet to see them together.  She cried for a long time when we left because she was going to miss her so much.  There's so much for the kids to do there and they loved it.  There are "chickens on the loose" as my daughter says...they literally aren't penned in and were following us down the road at one point.  There are also goats which I'll share some pics of later.  And it's just the type of place where you can let your kid walk down the road alone to visit the goats and not even worry about the fact that something bad could happen.  And she could just walk down the road to play with her cousin, and we could have a little bonfire anytime we want.  There's something so special about letting my city kids experience more of the small town country life in that way.  They love running wild!  Here are my favorite pics.

 This is just one of the stops we made on our drive over the mountain.  I seriously can't do the beauty of it justice.  

This is on the bridge of the photo above.  I love his sweet little face here.

I like this picture because it looks like a watercolor.  But it's actually the reflection of the leaves off of a mountain stream.  Gorgeous.

Right by my grandparent's house was this old truck just sitting in a field.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get some pictures by it.  The kids were not in the mood, but I still got some really good ones.  I'll share more in a separate post, but I love this of my baby.

Love, love, love this.

While we were there I bought this hat for my daughter and she wore it every morning because it was freezing there in the mornings.  I love it.  And the other day she told me her favorite thing about herself is her two big teeth in the front.  So I figured I'd better post a few more pics of them.

On top of the mountain.  The leaves were beautiful.  And I like how you can see the road that we just drove up on in this picture.

One last picture of my girl.  Seriously, I could take pictures all day with the beautiful leaves for a background.

Next week I'll try to post some more pics of our vacation.  I have so many more to share!

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