Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 38 ~

As I sat down at my computer this morning, I realized that I had nothing planned for my Photo Friday post!  I usually at least have an idea of what I'm going to post, but this week seems like it just flew by.  I have to go read to my son's class in a few minutes so I better get going.  Here are the pics I chose for this week.

Anyone know what game this is?  My husband and his friends have been playing it for years and every time they get together they play it.  Oh, Settlers of Catan...I once got banned from playing this game.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Since these are good friends I consider this a personal photo rather than a professional one so it qualifies.  Don't you just love pics of babies with their mamas?

This morning at the bus stop my son was gathering all the pretty leaves for me.  We had a leaf family.  The big ones are the mom and dad and the little ones are the kids.  I like our diverse leaf family.  That bright red one is from the tree in our front yard.  It's the prettiest tree on the street when it turns.  

Ah, fall, I love you but you torment me with your reminder that winter is on it's way.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Baby Boy ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This little guy is such a sweet baby.  I totally love baby boys.  They get me every time.  He sort of has a little scowl on his face most of the time and it's adorable.  He didn't sleep much for me, but even when he was awake he was just so content!  Guess that's because he's the fourth kid in his family.  His big brother and sisters were all so beautiful and sweet too.  How do I always luck out with the nicest families as clients?  Here are some of my favorites.

Love his lips in this one.

He just looks like a boy.  A beautiful one though.

What a gorgeous bunch of kids!

I love this baby bonnet.  So classic.

This might be my favorite.

Yep, he's a thumb sucker.  Too cute!

Beautiful boy.

I saved the best for last...definitely my favorite.  Do I see the tiniest hint of a smile?!

It was so great meeting this family and I hope I have the opportunity to photograph them in the future!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 37 ~

I took these pictures last night as the sun was getting low in the sky and I was making dinner.  The kids have been outside nonstop these past few weeks hanging with the neighborhood kids.  I'm so grateful for some very sweet kids from great families who live so near to us.  The kids all get along pretty well and there are all so very nice and tolerate my little 5 year old tagging along as well.  It's times like that when I am grateful to not have my kids involved in any activities.  I mean, when you are 7 and 5 what could be better than riding your scooter down the street away from mom's watchful eye and acting like a wild hooligan much of the time?  Climbing trees and finding huge sticks and having races and using sidewalk chalk as eye shadow...  It's the little things that make up a childhood, not the constant running around to activities, but the time spent with friends and dreaming up crazy schemes on their own.  Sometimes I worry, sure, and I check out the window every so often to make sure nothing to crazy is going on...but I know there are 3 other moms doing the same thing.  And sometimes I get annoyed that I barely see their little faces between the time homework is done and bedtime.  And geez, do they have to scarf down dinner in less than 10 minutes so they don't miss anything that their friends might be doing?  But winter is coming and I know that these days are fleeting.  It will be getting dark early soon and I'll be longing for the days when I could send them off down the street to play themselves to exhaustion.  So, I'm just letting it go and being laid back...and can I just say that I think I am a way more laid back mom than I ever thought I'd be?  I kinda like it.  The whole crew was there watching as I took these pictures, wondering why on earth I wanted to take blurry photos (it's for a Lemonade and Lenses theme) and wanting me to take their pictures too.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I. Love. This.
 Blurry jumping is kinda weird.  I still like this though.
 I love them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fab '5'

My baby is 5!  I have no idea how that happened so quickly.  I still can hardly believe it.  In so many ways he still seems like my baby, but then in so many other ways he seems like such a big kid.  He is in kindergarten and doing great.  He is off running around in the cul-de-sac with his big sister most days after school.  He is riding his new scooter like a champ.  He doesn't take a nap anymore, "Five year old's don't take naps" he has informed me multiple times now.  He's still home with me in the afternoons though and we still have that special time together just the two of us eating lunch and hanging out.  I am trying to hold onto that for as long as I can.  It seems like every day my kids are growing up and slipping away from me no matter how tight I hold onto them.  I know that's what it is for them to grow up, but I didn't know it would feel like this.  On the other hand, I love how much fun they are now that all that hard baby and toddler stuff is long over with.  I love watching them learn and teaching them new things.  I love that they can run off and explore but they still come back and tell me with bright eyes all the things they've discovered.  Motherhood is truly a gift.  One I try to never take for granted.

Right before his birthday party showing me that he's 5.

Running off like he always does when I try to take his picture.

So excited for his golf party!  He had a golf party when he was 3 also.  We were going to do a Cars 2 party, but then his little friend had a mini golf party and he decided he wanted to do golf again.  He wanted the same exact cake too, but I couldn't find the same little golf figurines I used the last time, so this ended up being my last minute idea and he was fine with it.

My boy and his cousin who is his best buddy.  I love this!

Opening their goodie bags...I think my daughter liked hers!  

Opening his gifts.

Trying on both of his new Steeler hats at once.  His grandma and aunt had taken a recent trip to Pittsburgh so he's all geared up now.

He'd been asking for a fishing pole for an entire week before his party, so we got him one.  This is him opening it (it has transformers on it).  He was really excited and we asked him what it was and he said, "I have no idea."  It was the cutest thing.

Blowing out his candles.  I love that one in the middle!

My big 5 year old.  I love this kid.

We had a great time and thanks to everyone who came out to his party!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 36 ~

I took some photos of my daughter last night when I realized I hadn't taken any photos since my son's birthday party this weekend.  I really want to do a whole post about that (how am I so busy that I haven't done it yet?!) so I wanted something else.  She wasn't really in the mood and kept giving me all of her meanest facial expressions.  And of course then when she would smile she was too fast for me and everything was blurred.  That girl.  Good thing she's so cute.  I did get a couple of shots of her though with her serious face.  I love her hair in these pictures.  Is it wrong to be jealous of your daughter's hair?  It kinda feels wrong.  I need to work on that.  Anyway, she doesn't usually wear it down since I hate, hate, hate all these kids I see at her school running around looking like they don't own a hairbrush.  What is up with that?  I mean it takes me less than 5 minutes to make sure she got the brush through more than the top layer of her hair and make sure it's not hanging in her face.  Less than 5 minutes, people.  Okay, sorry, I got off track there with my hair rant.  Here's this week's pics.

I love how the front of her hair always gets bleached out in the summer.

Pretty girl.

Being a little stinker and running away from me.
Can't wait to enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful Girl ~ A Photo Shoot ~

Seniors are my favorite.  I hate to admit to favorites, but it's true.  They are just so much fun!  It's so nice to take photos of these teens and get to know them a little bit and try to capture their personalities.  I really think teens get a bad rap.  Most of the ones I know are sweet, polite, and bursting with potential.  Maybe I'm just lucky.  I definitely lucked out with this sweet senior.  She is so amazingly beautiful!  And she's got the sweetest personality to match.  We met up at Ault park on the most windy day we've had in a while.  It was completely overcast too.  I have to say though that both of those things worked in our favor.  She had her own personal supermodel wind machine and she could pose anywhere in the park without worrying about the sun in her face!    I have a lot of favorites of this girl...she seriously cannot take a bad picture.  I had the hardest time narrowing it down.  Here you go...

I think this is my favorite. 

Love this too.  I didn't even know that this little field was there and we lucked out finding it right before we were done!

This was the first picture I took.  She was a natural right from the start.

That dress is soooo cute!  I wish I could pull off yellow like that, but I can't.

I'm posting this for her mom because she has a photo of her from when she was a toddler sitting in front of a white picket fence framed in their house.   How perfect that there happened to be a fence there!

Her eyes are so pretty!

Love the wind blown hair.

The wind was a little intense at times, but I love this of her laugh!

Can you see why I was having such a hard time picking my favorites?!?

By the way, I am completely in love with her profile.  If you read this blog then you know I have a similar obsession with my daughter's profile.  Some people just have the perfect face for it.  She's definitely one of them.

We stopped at the swings since she loves them.  I'm glad she suggested it because this turned out so cute!

Another favorite.

Last one.  I love the way her eyes pop against the brick wall.

Whew, that was a lot of favorites!  I hope you enjoyed them.  I had such a good time with this girl and her sweet mom.  It is so nice to get to know people through photography!


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