Friday, January 20, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 3

I still haven't gotten in the swing of things for this Photo Friday project, so once again these photos were taken just a few minutes ago.  My girl looks sad in them and that's because she is. We have been looking for a dog for her for a few months now and it seems like every time we come close to getting one it falls through. It happened again yesterday when we found a cute little yorkie on Craigslist and were in contact with the owners about meeting him and they all of a sudden just stopped responding to us.  I don't get it.  I don't know why they won't just tell us they found someone else or they change their minds for some reason instead of just ignoring us.   My girl had her hopes up because this one really seemed like a good fit for us, but obviously it wasn't meant to be.  Learning to wait on God's timing is hard for an adult, so it's especially hard for her to learn as a kid, but I know in the right time we will get the little doggy that is meant for us.  We are all learning important life lessons but that doesn't make it any less hard.  Hopefully soon we'll have a little dog to love on, in the meantime pray that we would find the perfect one for our family and we learn to lean on Him in the waiting!

This pretty much sums up their relationship right now. He's still enamored with his big sis and wants to play with her as much as possible. Meanwhile, she's growing up and wanting to do things on her own and be left alone.  It's a delicate balance and one we are still figuring out around here.

See you next week!  Maybe with a dog, who knows?!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 2

I almost completely forgot about Photo Friday this week!  I will definitely have to get back into the swing of it so I don't end up just taking pics every Friday right before I post them.  My girl was very sweet and offered to let me take some pictures of her while she did her dog walking this afternoon.  Anytime my children willing ask to get their picture taken I jump at the chance because usually I'm met with whining and eye rolling when it comes to photos.  I had so much fun with my girl today though!  She usually does the dog walking by herself, but I think I'm going to start walking with her more.  We used to take walks all the time when we first moved here but we've gotten out of the habit of it.  Here are my favorites! 

In case you didn't already know, she got braces a couple weeks ago.  I think they make her look like a teenager!  She's going to officially be a teenager in less than two weeks!

This is Little Bit, the sweet dog that she walks almost every day for an elderly neighbor.  He loves her!

This cool door is at the entrance to our condo complex and I have another photo of her in this same spot from a few years ago and I remember her hair was so short then.  Click here to see.

See you next week!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

I was so grateful that my brother was in town for Thanksgiving even if we only got to see them for 2 days.  My mom was here too, but Papa was in Ohio.  Even though everyone else was exhausted from their week at Disney prior to Thanksgiving, we were able to enjoy a nice meal with almost everything we usually cook.  I learned this year when the suggestion was made (not by me) that we not have a big meal that the Thanksgiving food is very important to me.  There have to be mashed potatoes made by my mom with tons of butter and then there's the sweet potato casserole and the green beans that have been cooking all day with salt pork, and the gravy made from scratch and the turkey, of course, and the rolls, the corn pudding and the cranberry salad.  I just want it all!  We did skip a few things because there weren't as many people there and that was okay, but we had all the basics and it was delicious and we ate too much, but that's kinda what makes Thanksgiving so great, right?  

Another thing that made Thanksgiving special this time was that we had a dog!  Okay, no, we didn't get a dog...yet.  But my friend was looking for someone to dog sit so I volunteered my girl knowing she'd be in heaven having her own dog even if it was just for a week.  So we got Practice.  Yes, his name is Practice.  How perfect is that?!  And he really is the perfect dog.  If we could clone him I would have a dog right now as I type this.  My niece fell in love with him and so did all of us, including my mom who always acts like she doesn't like dogs, but secretly I think she really likes them.  As long as they are small and cute.  I guess I'm kinda the same way.  

Love these two boys together.  They are so funny talking about video games and who knows what else.  They talked about theology and Bible translations, sports and movies.  I seriously never know what I'm going to overhear!
My girl and her biggest fan.

Meet Practice!  Isn't he the cutest?!

Grammy and her grandkids.

More of the boys.

I like how this looks like a photo booth strip.  Notice my girl.  I thought the oldest was supposed to set the good example?

I did get a nice one with no bunny ears!

There's so much to be thankful for just in these photos!  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 1

I decided to bring back Photo Friday.  I haven't done it in over 2 years since I was in cancer treatment.  I have totally neglected this little blog since then and I know that I'll regret it someday if I don't get back into the swing of things.  After all, this is our family scrapbook and since my memory is honestly not that great anymore (I blame the chemo) I really do feel like I need to keep up with it.  Also, in a moment of insanity I agreed to teach photography at my kids' homeschool co-op this semester and I am going to give them a weekly photo assignment so I figured I might as well participate as well.  I am actually getting pretty excited about teaching.  I do enjoy being around teens and I do love talking about photography so I think it will end up being fun!  I didn't give myself an assignment yet this week, so these are just some random photos I took of my son on the balcony this afternoon.  I hardly ever take photos of my kids with my good camera anymore because they get super annoyed usually or they act ridiculous and I end up deleting them all.  Every week probably won't end up being pics of the kids, but we'll see!  

I picked this photo because it kinda reminds me of the first photo I ever posted for Photo Friday which was 7 years ago.

Pointing and laughing at his mom.  I guess I looked funny with my glasses on my head or something.

I wasn't going to include this but he's in this phase where he loves to make funny faces for the camera and this is the go-to face.  And this weird pose he does with his shoulders and arms too.  Silly boy.

Oh, and I promise this kid wears a shirt...sometimes. ; )

Thankful for Beach Days

We love when my brother and his family come to visit.  I really don't know what it's going to take to get them to just move here already, but I think they came seven times in 2016.  Partly that was because they had Disney season passes, but I like to think it's also because they miss us so much.  I know this next year we won't see them nearly as much and I'm really going to miss them!  They were here for just a couple of days at Thanksgiving, and we spent one of those days at the beach and I finally took my nice camera for once.  I love watching the kids play together and the men like to fish and I get to chat with my sister in law and walk around and look for shells.  It's so nice that all the kids are older now and can swim so it really does feel more relaxing.  Here are some of my favorite pics from our beach day!

The boys and their dads fishing behind them.

I love that they like to play in the sand with the cousins.  My boy usually hates the sand.

My brother caught a tiny, but scary looking fish!  The kids had a bucket of tiny creatures they found as well.  I always love that every time at the beach is different!

I love this photo of my favorite boy!  I love the water glistening behind him.

My pretty girl and Debbie with her favorite nephew. :)

Since I already have quite the shell collection and I've gotten really picky about which shells I keep, I decided recently to start collecting shells based on a different theme each time I go to the beach.  This day's theme was blue, grey and purple.  

Love this!  The blue sky and her sweet smile and her pony tail swinging.  

Perfect beach day.


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