Monday, December 7, 2015

My Favorite Boy

This boy stole my heart the moment he was born.  He is sweet and loving and not afraid to show it.  He is growing up so fast and lately every time I turn around it seems he's grown some more.  He is so much more independent now that he is getting older.  He's still the baby of the family though and will gladly let me or his sister do things for him.  I'm not sure if that's a baby of the family thing or a boy thing though!  ;)  He still loves Legos and golf and playing with his sister.  He's funny and entertaining and so creative with coming up with silly games and imaginative play.  He's so smart and things come easily to him most of the time which I hope will continue as he grows.  He likes to learn about history and fighting.  He's just so much a boy and I love that about him.  I love that I have a boy and a girl and I can celebrate their differences.  He loves to play on the computer and his favorite game is still Poptropica.  He likes the beach (even though he still says he doesn't) and swimming and playing with his friends.  He's just a fun kid to be around.  I love being his mama.  I wish I could keep him little longer, but he's a big kid and there's no stopping it so I might as well embrace it and celebrate it as we go.  I took some photos of him to remember him at this stage where he is nine.  I love this stage just as much as the toddler stage and the little kid stage and I hope I love all the stages as much (I suspect I will) in their own way.  I love you, my sweet boy!


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