Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 32 ~

My girl is back this week and that makes me happy.  Last Friday we left for the mountains after my husband got off work and had a nice little weekend trip.  We packed as much as we could into the two and a half days that we were there.  We went tubing at Deep Creek with the kids and it was so much fun!  They loved it.  I've been doing it since I was a kid and it is so fun showing my kids the fun things that we used to do.  I don't have any photos of it though since I was participating.  Oh well.  We also went shopping in town and my girl got another stuffed dog (shocker!). And my boy saw a cheap bow and arrow set that he really, really wanted, but we told him we'd get a nicer one in Cherokee on our way home.  He talked about it non-stop until we finally got it the next day.  He loves it.  It's so cute watching him shoot it.  I don't have any pictures of that either though.  I do have a bunch of other pics to share though.  I actually have so many that I promise I will do another blog post about our trip.  I know I always say that and then I don't follow through, but I am going to make myself do it this time.  Okay, back to the pics for today.  Here you go...

I love this pic taken at the top of the drive.  I love this view.  It never gets old to me.  I love the road cutting through the mountain, the amazing clouds and the yellow flowers.  Perfection.

My kids on the Appalachion Trail.  Maybe someday we'll actually hike part of it for real.

On our drive home we decided to stop at one of the "Quiet Walkways" that we always see marked when driving through the mountains.  It was awesome!  I love the feeling of being surrounded by so much forest and greenery.  It is so peaceful and relaxing.  Until you hear thunder and you have to run back to the car. :)  Next time we are going to wear better shoes and go much, much farther on the trail.  The kids loved it.

Another view of the mountains.  We haven't been in the summer in a while, we usually go in the fall and I love the contrast of how different the mountains look in the different seasons.  I love how blue they look and they just stretch on forever.  I know it's not as dramatic as most mountains in the world, but the Smokey's are just so much a part of my family that they will always be my favorite.

I've taken photos in front of this truck before.  It's right by where we stay (it's actually one of my cousins trucks) and it was a little more overgrown than the last time, but we were still able to smash down some weeds and get to it.  We were on our way back from town and this little photo shoot was totally not planned.  My son had taken his shirt off in the car because he was hot, so I just let him leave it off (it kinda clashed with my daughter's dress) and I actually like how he looks like a little hillbilly. :)  I love, love the way he is standing here.  He's got swagger and I love it.

My sweet girl.  I was so, so happy to see her!  We arrived in the middle of the night and she was sleeping in her fort she had made, but she woke right up and gave me some of the best hugs and kisses I have ever gotten in my life.  I know she had an awesome time, but I am so glad to have her back.

There's her sweet smile.

I love this of my babies!

The super serious version.

He can never stay serious for long!  Silly boy. I actually think this might be my favorite.

A new favorite of my girl.

I love when I force my kids into these mini photo shoots...these literally took less than five minutes.  My husband was standing behind me doing a count down because the kids were not in the mood.  They love me though so they do it for me and I'm glad that they do.  I promise to do another post next week about some more fun things we did on our trip!  Have a great weekend!

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