Monday, July 4, 2016


I feel like twelve is a magical age.  It's the year between being a child and being a teenager.  So much changes in that one little year.  My girl turned twelve in January and already this year is flying by and she's suddenly looking less like a little girl.  She's almost as tall as me, by just barely an inch. She's got the eye roll down and the exasperated sigh.  But...she's still my little girl.  She still loves me just as much, even if she doesn't need me to help her with the little things any more.  She needs me for bigger things, like navigating friendships and being an ear to listen to all the little stories of things that happen at student group and co-op and sleepovers.  Suddenly what her friends think bears much more weight than it used to and fitting in is oh so important.  Yes, she is twelve.  It's wonderful, and it's frustrating and I've never been a mom of a twelve year old so I hope I'm getting things right.  She is beautiful and smart and funny and she loves Jesus.  She still confides in me and she still wants to kiss me goodnight and for this mama, that is everything.  I love her so much and I love, love, love that God has entrusted me with the important job of helping her grow into a woman.  I love that she is so forgiving of my faults and I try to remind myself daily to give her grace as I try to remember way back to what it was like when I was twelve.  

This year for her annual photo shoot I let her take over, because after all, she's twelve now so she's got her own creative ideas and she's trying out new styles and I love watching all of it evolve.  She's a Pinterest junkie so she made a pin board of inspiration photos that mostly involved a forest style with a white dress.  She tried on lots of dresses but finally found this perfect one that she felt beautiful in.  I was a little wary of the fact that it's off the shoulder, but I'm embracing this growing up thing and she loved how she looked in it and loved that it was a grown up type of style so I went with it.  We found a park with the right forest feel and although I'd like to say we had a perfect, wonderful shoot...well, she's twelve, so there was some tension and some drama, and then we made up in the end.  So, yeah, it was a typical day in the life of a twelve year old girl and her mama.  I love how all her photos turned out so I have a ton to share.  She doesn't even realize how gorgeous she is, but I'm happy to say that she is truly just as beautiful on the inside.  If you have the pleasure of knowing her then I know you'll agree.      


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