Friday, August 28, 2009

My Baby

This is my baby. My sweet, sweet boy. If you don't have a baby boy, then you need to try to get one if you can. I'm serious. There is just something about having a son, and I can't even describe it, but if you have one, then you know what I mean. I call him my little boyfriend sometimes because he is just so in love with his mama. He gives lots of hugs and kisses. When I tuck him in at night, after I kiss him and start to leave the room, without fail he will hold up his little hand and say "Wait a minute, Mommy, need one more kiss." It is the cutest, sweetest thing ever and it melts my heart every time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I love weekend trips. I love that you can just throw your bag together the night before. I love that you don't really have to "plan" for it. I love that it's like a vacation without all the stress of a real vacation. Ahhh...

We had a great time. My allergies stayed at bay for the first two days thanks to my new miracle drug, Zyrtec. That stuff really does work.

We saw an elk on our way through the mountains.

We shopped. I found a great dress for a wedding we are going to in a couple weeks. I left it there on accident.

We ate. Donuts for breakfast and ice cream for a treat.

We didn't cook once.

We had a picnic lunch at Deep Creek which my daughter kept accidentally calling "Deep Lake".

We saw some 4th cousins that we never see. They have rabbits and chickens. We pet the rabbits and fed the "bock bocks" which is what my son called them.

We picked blackberries.

We saw the sunset.

It was pretty much perfect. Can't wait to do it again. Here are some pictures...

Our cousin Jerry and his adorable daughter, Becca showing us their rabbit.

At the entrance to the park. I have many pics of my brother and I by this sign. (Actually, that sign is new, but it's the same spot.)

At Deep Creek throwing rocks.

My daughter at Deep Creek.

We didn't get many blackberries, but it was still fun.

The outhouse I told you about in my previous post. My mom actually was going to use it because as we were leaving we had already locked up the house and she had to go. I told her she was insane because my kids and I had just looked inside and there were giant spider webs. She thought we were exaggerating until she saw for herself and changed her mind!

A picture of the road that I was trying to describe in a previous post. They had just finished picking the blackberries.

The elk.

Beautiful mountain view.

More beautiful scenery.

My baby girl at the top of the mountain.

With her babydoll, Rosita.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death of a Laptop

I'm supposed to be writing about my trip with my mom and kids to the Smokies. But I can't download any pictures onto my laptop because it has run out of memory. I could write about it, but what fun is that with no pictures to show you! My laptop has been dying a slow, slow death for about 6 months now. It is slow, it creaks, it randomly falls asleep. It's pretty much like human death. Except much less painful...for it. I, on the other hand, am going crazy and pretty much want to put it out of it's misery, but then I will have to go upstairs to our office and use our desktop anytime I want to do anything. Which isn't really convenient now that I have been spoiled by my laptop. So, I will try to get upstairs and download some pics and then save them on a memory stick and go downstairs to my laptop and upload them to my blog. Did I mention our other computer doesn't have internet? Ugh, I wish I was more technically minded. So I could come up with a better solution. Anyway, I will update with photos and stories of my trip later. I know, you might die of suspense, so I'll try to hurry. : )

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Packing Up

My husband is going to Vegas this weekend. For a bachelor party. Need I say more?

I decided that I need a little fun too, so I convinced my mom to take me and the two kiddos to the Smokey Mountains for the weekend. My grandparents have a second home there. It's at the end of a gravel road up in a "holler". You mountain folk know what I'm talking about. It's actually not even a gravel road, it's more like rocks and mud. I'll have to remember to take a picture since I cannot possible explain it properly. Across from their house is an old outhouse. Yep, a real one. You can still use it if you have a major emergency, but mostly it's just for my daughter to marvel at. That should give you a better picture of what I mean by the mountain house. Anyway, I've been going there ever since I remember...the house is different now, but the place and the people are the same. It's comforting.

I have really bad allergies (this does tie in, I swear). I am allergic to grass, dust, trees, mold, pollen, etc, etc. Basically anything to do with nature. Which is fine most of the time because it's not like I ever go camping or anything. I'm not that kind of girl... But at the mountain house my allergies are always awful. Like I can hardly function awful. Like I have to literally stick tissues up my nose and let them sit there (how's that visual?). I was really wrestling with whether or not I want to go this weekend since I'm taking a chance that I will be miserable. But I always have this strange hope that this time it will be different, I will somehow be miraculously healed. We'll see. At the very least I will spend some great time with my mom and kids. And get some awesome photos. I hope.

I'll keep you posted. Gotta go pack.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Luck Shot

I've been looking at old photos recently and remembered the one that is now my header. It's from a beach vacation over a year ago. I remember taking pictures of the sunset when my husband, who was holding our son, stepped in front of the camera on accident. My first instict was to delete it. I hadn't planned on them being there after all. But then I saw it and realized that I loved it. I'm so glad I didn't delete it. I love it when I luck into a shot like that. And it's still not perfect, I'm sure if I had photoshop I could make it better. But I love it the way it is...perfect in it's imperfection.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Yucky Soup"

In case any of you are looking for something to occupy your children for a couple hours, I'm happy to tell you that there are definitely electronics free, outdoor activities that are still super exciting if you are about 5 years old. My daughter had a couple friends over the other day and they decided to make "yucky soup". They found a bucket and just started adding some grass and sticks and leaves from around our deck. They were really getting into this. Then they each got their own little stirring stick to stir the soup. Then they decided that it needed some more "ingredients". So they went exploring in the yard. They found dead flowers, dirt, berries off of a tree in our yard, some dead bugs, some live flowers, and more random berries. They had so much fun just gathering their ingredients. One girl was the head chef and she would stir for the other two and then tell them it wasn't ready yet, it needed more ingredients. They even ventured into our neighbors yard where they were out tending their garden (this couple is in their eighties and they love, love my kids) and they threw them all the rotten tomatoes to add to their "soup". This whole process took a couple hours. Here is the soup about halfway through completion.

The little chefs tending their soup.

After making the soup they had even more fun pretending to eat it. One of my daughters friends really did drink it. She really enjoyed the reaction she was getting from the rest of us.
Here is my daughter eating a leaf. They tasted a lot of weird stuff that day, including sticks. Is that normal?
Here's my son just being cute.

My little chef.

Does it really get any better than this?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Hitched ~a photo blog~

So this past Saturday I took photos at a wedding. Not like just random photos, but like the actual wedding photos. No pressure or anything. Here's how it happened. I'm talking with my sister in law who was a bridesmaid and she tells me that the bride's photographer hasn't returned any of her calls in six weeks. Whoa, that sucks, what are they gonna do? Well, the bride's dad is going to take them. Isn't that gonna be kinda hard to take pictures while walking her down the aisle and giving her away? Well, being the nice person that I am, I offer to take pictures for her for free along with a huge disclaimer that I'm not a professional and the pictures could turn out awful and I've never taken pictures at a wedding before. So my sister in law calls the bride and she actually takes me up on my offer which I wasn't really expecting to be honest. So...for the next three days before the wedding I pretty much just stressed about it. I even had a nightmare in which I couldn't get the beep sound on my camera to turn off and while trying to fix it I missed the entire wedding. And then as the bride and groom are walking down the aisle towards me a huge pregnant lady shoves me out of the way and starts taking the pictures. Weird.
Anyway, the wedding day came and I took the pictures. And nothing horrible happened and my camera didn't beep. Although the focus was off for a few. I sometimes hate that camera. But overall they are pretty good. But I'm not a professional, so what do I know? Here's just a few...
The cake.

The bride.

The bouquet.

Fun candid of the groom. I'm pretty sure he didn't know I was even there.

Bride and Groom outside the reception site.

My favorite.


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