Monday, January 26, 2015

Halloween 2014

I can't believe I haven't blogged in 2 months!  I think that's a record for the longest I've gone since I started this thing.  I have just been tired, and by tired, I mean the most tired I have ever felt in my life.  The kind of tired you can't really explain properly.  You just have to experience it to get it, I guess.  I am happy to say that I've got much more energy now that I have finished the worst of my treatment.  Still 16 weeks to go though.  I cannot wait to be done!  I know that 16 weeks will just seem like a blip a year from now, but right now it still feels like forever.  Anyway, I'm feeling better which means I will hopefully make some progress on this here blog and get it back up to date soon.  I still need to get Christmas blogged and my sweet girl's birthday which was this past weekend, but I'm determined to catch up.  So...I'm gonna go way back to Halloween and share a few pics.

This year at Halloween we were in the Smokies with my brother and his family.  It was so fun that the kids got to trick or treat with their cousins.  We actually went twice.  First, we went with our Smoky Mountain cousin before my niece and nephew got there.  It was in town and you went from business to business.  They closed down the street and it was like a party.  It was fun to see all the cute costumes, but it wasn't our usual trick or treat.  The kids still prefer the kind where you go ringing on doorbells so maybe next year we will get to do that.  Then the next day we went again to a different small town so that my niece and nephew could go.  It rained but it was still fun.  I think I prefer a Florida Halloween where you don't need to worry about coats. :) Here are my favorite pics.

My girl had 2 costumes this year.  We found these tiger pajamas one day at Target and my little tiger lover had to have them.  Since it was kinda cold, this costume worked perfectly and she got to match her cousin who was a zebra!  My boy really wanted to be the Grim Reaper, but I really hate when little kids wear scary costumes so we had quite a few talks about whether or not he should be that.  In the end we decided to hold off on the scary stuff since we'd be with his cousin this year who is only 5 and he went with this adorable hot dog costume.  I loved it and he got tons of comments about how cool it was!

Just love the light in this one.

With the Ohio cousins.  My boy was all about the silly during picture taking.

Okay, so this isn't a great photo, but it is a photo of all 4 of us, which I love!

I forgot to take photos of each of them individually for my collage of costumes over the years.  Oh well, at least I got this one of the 2 of them.  Love my Elsa and my hot dog!

Next up, Christmas!  I haven't even downloaded the photos off my camera yet!


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