Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Halloween 2017

This past year for Halloween we spent the evening with good friends and hopefully it will become a little tradition.  The kids all went trick-or-treating and the adults passed out candy in the driveway of our friends' house in one of those neighborhoods that becomes overrun with families by the hundreds in an insane but very fun way!  I walked around with my girl and her friends for what was probably the last time (but you never know!) and my boy went around with one of his friends and one of the dads.  It was a perfect arrangement.  

My boy dressed up as one of those crazy blowing things that you see at used car lots.  They have a name but now I can't think of it.  A lot of the older people he saw while trick-or-treating thought he was Gumby, but of course he had no idea who that was and was slightly annoyed by it.  We made his costume from 2 pop up hampers and some fabric.  It was so fun coming up with another creative idea with him.

My girl wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Luckily she decided way in advance and I was able to get an amazing deal on a dress on Amazon that took forever to ship from China.  It's nice she can still wear kids' sizes since it makes it easier to find fun, cheaper options.  I'm glad she hadn't changed her mind in the time it took to arrive, although she did go back and forth a few times about whether or not it was cool to dress like a princess, but in the end she went with it and she had lots of fun.  My niece was here the week of Halloween and we went to a little festival at a park and a bunch of little girls came up to my girl and thought she was the real Belle and wanted a hug!  So cute! 

Had to do the collage!  It's tradition!

I love looking back at all their old costumes!  They were so little!

Homecoming 2017

When you make the decision to homeschool your kids, you worry a lot about the things they might miss out on by not going to school.  Prom and Homecoming dances were one of those things that I used to be sad about my kids missing out on, but it turns out that the homeschool community has gotten so big that they now have their own dances.  Not only that, but my girl has made friends with so many non-homeschoolers that she actually got to go to a homecoming dance at a 'real school' last fall with one of her friends!  I love that her sweet friend thought to include her and she had such a great time.  I know there were funny stories of boys talking to her (an awkward moment with a senior when he found out she was only in 8th grade!) and the girls thinking one of the chaperones was a student. It makes me so happy to know that she's really not missing out at all, and even though her school experience is totally different than mine and the majority of people's there are still these things that will be similar shared experiences.  Here are a few pics from that fun night!

Friday, April 20, 2018


My girl took ballroom dance lessons for about 2 years and I loved watching her every second of it.  She has since quit (I'm still heartbroken) but I wanted to write a little about it anyway.  She initially started because of her love for Dancing with the Stars.  She learned the basics of all the ballroom and Latin styles of dance.  She seriously has a gift and it came very naturally to her.  She looks so graceful and gorgeous when she dances!  She also made some very sweet friends at her dance class and we miss seeing them every week.  I know part of growing up is trying new things and discovering your passions and I really thought that dance might be one of hers, but it's not up to me, it's up to her to discover that for herself.  Although I will miss watching her dance, it's fun to see what she'll try next!  Here are some photos from her fall dance showcase. I did all the girls' hair and they looked so pretty!

Friday, December 22, 2017

1st Day of School 2017

Dean's wish came true and we started school after his birthday this year.  He begs every year to wait to start.  We usually start the day after Labor Day but since Irma happened and everything was crazy we didn't officially start until mid September.  I can't believe I have two middle schoolers this year!  School is definitely harder for them, but in a way it's easier for me.  I just have to make sure I give them their assignments and their lessons and make sure they are completed and graded. I still teach Science and History, but most of the other subjects they are learning on their own.  I've made a point this year to make them take notes during the classes I teach so that they will learn how to take good notes and study from them even though they don't go to traditional school.  My girl passed the PERT (college readiness) test recently so she may even take a college class this spring.  We still go to co-op on Mondays for now.  That may change for next year, but I'm trying to keep it simple this year...the last one before high school.  It's busy here with my part time job and all of their activities, but the kids still love homeschooling and I love having them here so it's great for all of us. 

I took some photos on the first official day of school and here are my favorites!

My favorite part of back to school posts...the collages!


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