Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Catching Up...May 2016

We are still enjoying a few lazy summer days around here before we start up school for the fall, so I finally have some time to catch up on blogging.  I figured I better get it done before the business of life catches up with us again.  Back to May now...my girl was in another play with her homeschool co-op class.  It was a version of Alice in Wonderland that was similar to the story we are used to but they had more than one girl in the role of Alice.  Of course, my girl was the best one in my opinion. ;)  My boy was in a photography class at co-op and they had a contest that night and everyone voted for the best photo and he won first place!  We took a bunch of field trips and went to Busch Gardens again.  We had a beach day and we went to Homeschool Sail Fit where you can learn sailing and kayaking and paddle boarding.  Turns out my boy is pretty awesome at paddle boarding and the kids all had fun finding sea urchins on the bottom of the intercoastal waterway.  We spent a lot of time visiting my grandpa who was sick in the hospital and a rehab facility for most of May.  My brother was in town again so we had a beach day with the cousins too.  I'd say it was a pretty packed month.  We always try to cram a bunch of stuff in before the weather gets too hot and the schools get out and everything gets crowded.  Here are some photos of our fun!

All prettied up to play Alice.
My girl and one of her besties who was another Alice as well.
My girl on stage.  Oh, and my boy too.  They called up audience members to be the croquet wickets.
 My boy with his winning photo.
 I can't believe how good he was at this on his very first time!
Papa and half his great grandkids.
Beach day.


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