Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 17 ~

It seems like forever ago but Easter Sunday was part of this week!  It has been nonstop rain around here and I haven't picked up my camera since.  I even missed the gorgeous double rainbow that a bunch of my friends took pictures of.  I didn't even see it.  I've been working in the evenings and I've had busy days as well.  I have a to do list a mile long.  So, I better wrap this up because we are leaving for Florida tonight!  And I've gotta start packing!  It's okay though, I work best under pressure...

This is my favorite girl in her Easter dress.  I love this picture soooo much.

A more formal shot of my girl in her Easter outfit.

My baby in his Easter clothes.  He's getting to that stage where it's harder to get a natural smile... 

This picture cracks me up!  We tried to get a pic of the cousins for my mom who was in Florida during Easter, but obviously we failed...  This is the best one.  I love my son, he's like ugh, these people are giving me a headache!   I can hear his little whiney groan in my head when I look at it.

Well, I'm off to pack!!  Next week, stay tuned for vacation pics...ahhh, I can't wait!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 16 ~

I feel horrible today.  I don't know why I always get sick at the most inconvenient times.  This week is spring break and so of course I wanted to do lots of fun things, and we did, but I just have felt like I was in a fog through the whole thing.  And I started my new part time job so I have no time to rest in the evenings unless you count the time I spend in front of the computer at work grading and trying not to nod off.  I realize I just made myself sound like a less than stellar employee but I swear I'm not!  I'm grading standardized tests and I grade the same two questions over and over for two weeks, so it does get pretty monotonous.  On the other hand I love it though because there is absolutely no stress and it's a nice easy 4 hours of work where I'm making a pretty good wage for it.  Okay, enough's hard to focus when you literally cannot breathe through your nose at all and your son was up all night throwing up so you got very little sleep...  Here are my favorite pictures from this week.

I love this face.  We went to my in-law's for Easter this past weekend and the kids had an egg hunt.  He was upset about his sister getting more eggs than him.  It was annoying at the time, but I really am glad I took of picture of his sad little face.

They got these tiny bubbles from their grandma and they loved them.  I caught this right before it popped.  And I love how the light caught his eyelashes.

This is my daughter and one of her best friends.  They were having a playdate the other day and my daughter was being Miley Cyrus and her friend was being Taylor Swift.  They were dressed up in my high heels.  It was really cute.  Can you believe how beautiful they are and they are only seven!?  You know those pretty girls in high school that you were always slightly jealous of?...I have a feeling they are gonna be those girls...

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!  We are looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 People 12 Times

Okay, so this monthly project that I thought was going to be sooo easy is proving to be much harder than I thought!  Here it is halfway through April and I'm just sitting down to do March's post.  Oh well...I will stick with it and hopefully by December I'll have it figured out!  If you missed the first post in this series, click here to see what this is all about.

Um, so these family photos aren't exactly turning out as awesome as I'd hoped.  I have this vision of us having fun together and just pulling out the camera and setting the timer to get a couple shots amidst our fun.  Yeah, not so easy.  We were having fun at this playground, but as soon as I asked them to stand still for a couple shots these are the faces I got.  And this is much more posed than I'd like.'s us.  And that's the point. The 4 of us, together.  As I went through my calendar trying to see what happened this past month in our lives I find that it seemed very normal.  The kids went to school, my husband went to work, we had playdates, and   my book club met, I hosted Bible study on Thursday mornings, and I sold the kids' old clothes at a twice yearly sale for mothers.  But under the surface of all those activities I was having second thoughts about our private school decision and my grandmother was sick in a rehab facility and then home again.  So it was a stressful month in those ways.  My daughter went to testing for her new school and I was breathing easier about our decision.  My grandmother needed more care so I started taking my son with me in the mornings to their home and helping out.  I felt guilty about making my son go hang out there every day, but now that my grandmother has passed away I realize that it was a gift for him to get to see her so much.  He is such a sweet, sensitive boy...I really do think he has some sort of gift of compassion.  I've rarely seen a child that young be so sympathetic and in tune to people's needs.  I feel like this past month was one that was building towards change.  I'm saddened but also looking forward to changes in our lives.  I feel like every winter I just go into some sort of hibernation mode and don't get much done and now that spring is finally here I am ready to shed my blankets and open the windows and get some things done.  Hopefully I'll have made some progress before the end of the month to report to you.  Better get started...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 15 ~

After a really hard couple of weeks for my kids (two funerals, a nightmare, a couple of upset stomachs, lots of crying and tantrums) it was so nice to get outside yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We all needed it.  I snapped a bunch of pictures while the kids were playing and having some easter egg hunts.  Here are my favorites.

The dimple...I love his dimple so's a very subtle one that you don't usually notice unless he's smiling really big.  I love that I caught it so well in this picture.  He was laughing at his sister.

This series of pics is awesome.  It's just so them.  I wanted a couple pics of the two of them together so I just had them sit down and put their arms around each other.  Here's what happened...
The second pic is from when he bumped her head too hard when putting their heads closer for me.  And that kissing pic where they are smashing their noses together cracks me up.  And the fierce hugging?  So them.  I love how much they love each other.

Me and my girl.  Extreme closeup.  Too bad my girl is a little out of focus.  Oh's the best I got and I hardly have any pics of the two of us.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 14 ~

It has been a crazy few days around here which is why I am posting Photo Friday on Monday.  Last week we had to travel to attend the funeral of my husband's aunt.  It was the first time my kids have ever attended one, so there were a lot of questions and discussions about death.  And the day we were supposed to leave my son woke up puking.  So, I was a little stressed out about the whole situation.  The kids did fine though and we got to spend some time with family.  And it was the first time my kids have stayed at a hotel.  We always rent a condo when we go on vacation so when we first walked into the room they asked, "Where's the kitchen?".  They loved it though.  They got to swim in the indoor pool and they got to eat the free breakfast buffet.  My daughter ate so much food because she was so excited that it was free.  We joked that she's practicing for college.  On our way home we decided to try to do something fun with the kids.  Unfortunately it was freezing where we were.  We needed our winter coats and we would've had on hats and gloves if I'd bothered to pack them.  But we decided to tough it out and we headed to see the lighthouse which is very near where my husband grew up.  It was soooo windy being right by the lake that my eyes were watering like I was crying.  We didn't stay long, but I did get a few pictures.  Here are my favorites.

Those are my kids running around the bottom of the lighthouse.  It's much bigger in person.  It's hard to get a feel for it from this picture.  It was such a grey, hazy day.  I'd love to get a picture of it with some blue skies and white puffy clouds.  Maybe next time...

I just really like this picture.  There's nothing posed about it, it's just me spying on my sweet family.

I like how they have this weathered sign bolted directly into the rock.  And it strikes fear into mothers while they watch their children climb around the rocks especially when you realize that the waves and wind are so loud that they can't hear you when you're telling them to be careful.  

My sweet girl.  The lake was pretty scary that day as it was crashing into the rocks.  The pictures make it seem much more serene than it actually was.  But it was so beautiful.

I love his sweet face and pink cheeks from the wind and cold.  This might be my favorite.

If you look at the picture of the lighthouse you'll notice there are trees behind it.  Those trees are growing out of the rock.  The roots are so gnarled and beautiful.  It's amazing that anything can grow there.  

The week ahead will be as busy as the last because the day after we got home from our trip my grandma passed away.  My kids keep telling me they don't like when people either...  I'll try to write a post this week about my grandma if I have time.  I'd love for all of you to know how wonderful she was.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 13 ~

I was looking through my photos from this week and it was a really slow week for photos.  I had a handful of pics from my daughter this morning because I took some pictures of a note she wrote to the tooth fairy (I'll share it in a different's so cute it deserves it's own post!).  I didn't really think they were worthy of Photo Friday, so I tried to snap a few of my son just before dinner and those didn't really turn out how I hoped either.  The battery in my camera was running low and it just seemed the shutter was kinda sluggish...just enough to make everything not quite crisp enough for my liking.  So, here I am back to the pics of my daughter.  I ended up just picking one where she was showing off the new window in her mouth and it was a little boring so I played around editing it for way longer than I intended and had two different versions of it.  This one ended up winning because it is so totally different than what I would normally do.  It definitely has a sort of seventies vibe to it.  Here you go...

I think she sort of resembles a jack o' lantern now.  A really, really adorable one.  

Let me know what you you love this style or hate it?  I kinda like it, but I definitely wouldn't do it to every photo, it's just not me, you know.  But I might try it again depending on what you guys think!


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