Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Sis, Little Sis and Baby Brother ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This session was the winner of my free photo shoot giveaway.  I had talked to the mom of these cuties earlier in the year about a photo shoot, but the timing never worked out, and then she won the photo shoot, so I guess it was meant to be this time!  These kids are so sweet and we had a great, yet exhausting (for me at least!) time together the other night.  They ran around in my backyard and I tried to get them all looking at me at the same time which is no small feat at their ages.  The two youngest are quite close in age as their baby boy was adopted recently and it happened pretty quickly.  He is seriously the cutest thing...I totally have a soft spot for boys.  And it's so cute to watch the girls with him.  What a special thing to have a baby come into your life that God chose for you...even though he came from a completely different part of the world.  It's kinda hard for me to wrap my brain around it sometimes since I've never experienced it firsthand.  And yet what an awesome reminder that God does the same thing when he adopts His children into His family and loves us unconditionally just as this family has done with their baby boy.  This was the first time they'd had his photo done professionally and he did great.  I could seriously take his picture all day.  Here are my favorites.

Okay, so the all three kids looking at the same time thing didn't exactly work out, but I kinda love this anyway.  It just seems so much more natural.  I had them all sit down together and this is one of the first pictures I took.

I love, love this of the sisters.  They are so cute!

This picture kills me.  He was giving me high fives.  I feel like you can just reach out and touch him.  And that face?!  So adorable!!

Big sister was all about the photo shoot.  She had a permanent smile on her face.  She was a champ too since I kept having her move her face to take the glare off her glasses.  What a cutie pie!!

This little girl is a thinker.  You can just tell she's pondering the mysteries of the universe in the that little head. I had to work a little harder to get a smile from her, but I think it was worth it.  She has such a sweet smile.

Love the light in this one.  And I may have already mentioned that this kid is pretty cute too. 

Little model.

I love this picture of her!  She was jumping up and down excited about something that I can't remember now.    

Hello gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes!!  Wow.

One last pic of the three of them.

I had a great time with these sweet kids!  Next time I need to convince their mom to have her and her hubby in the pics too.  Thanks for spending the evening with us and my crazy kids too!  

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  1. The picture of J that you love ... I think he could be in a little Pottery Barn add or something in that one. Perfect. And I love the one of the oldest...ok so I love pretty much all of them. I'm planning a family portrait for next year (no $$ in the budget right now)... how early are you booking appointments? Jen


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