Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 41 ~

I feel like this week's post has two parts.  The outdoor vs. the indoor.  I have been doing almost all of my photo taking outside lately since it is gorgeous and it feels like a crime to even bother with an indoor shot on weeks like this.  My favorite is one I just took a few minutes ago (I'm writing this on Thursday evening) of my daughter outside.  I'm sorry, but outside photos will almost always beat out indoor ones for me except for the very rare occasion.  Here it is.

World's Cutest First Grader.  I actually got a bunch of cute pics of her and my son, but I have so many that I may save them for a later post.

Another nature shot.  I'm on a roll with these lately.  And I used to not like any of my nature photos.  But I think I've really been enjoying the beauty of God's creation so much more and slowing down to take a look at  it through my lens.  I think with nature shots you have to take a moment and really look at your subject and decide what angle you like best, where with kids, sometimes you just don't have time because they move so fast.  I'm starting to appreciate the difference.

On to the indoor shots that I mentioned.  This week I decided to get some shots of my kids in their natural habitat.  You know, like the wild animals that they are...except for these photos are of them sitting in front of the tv.  I swear they get outside and run around like maniacs for plenty of hours per day, but I have tons of photos of them like that.  So, I'm trying to get photos of them doing the other normal things they do, which involves watching a show when my daughter gets off the bus.  She is never ready to talk right away...she needs some time to relax.  Then sometime after dinner, usually when we are cuddling at bedtime, she'll think of 1001 things she forgot to tell me that day.  And that's okay.  It's actually one of the favorite parts of my day, those few minutes spent cuddling and talking.  I'm going to try to get some more photos of them just being them around the house, it's a new little challenge for me...and I won't be editing them much either...I just want them to be natural.  So here you go...

I love her lips so much. 

Engrossed in her show.  I don't even think she noticed I was there.  Phineas and Ferb can do that to a person.

My boy...equally engrossed.  

I love his "just woke up from a nap" hair, and his huge hands, and his Fred Flinstone feet.  I sometimes like pictures like this better than the ones where they are looking at me.  

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and gorgeous leaves this weekend!  I know...I was just complaining about summer ending and dreading fall, but I'm kinda loving it right now!

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