Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 3 ~

This week's theme was "I dreamed a dream".  As themes go, this was a little hard for me.  And, I only took photos of one thing this  I have been really bad about getting out my camera.  I think this happens to me every year about this time when I start to hibernate through the winter.  It's hard to get up and take pictures when you are wrapped in a blanket!  Back to my dream.  Okay...this is going to sound incredibly lame, but I have always wanted to get my nose pierced.  Not exactly a dream, but just a sort of, "I think that looks so pretty, I think I'd like to do it" type of thing.  Last week I mentioned something about it on Facebook and I had 3 other friends admit they'd always wanted one too.  So, we planned it and it happened!  Well, one of us couldn't make it, but the rest of us were off to the tattoo parlor to do it.  Yep, all 3 of us 'moms' have always wanted to do it.  I forgot to take my camera with me (what is with me and forgetting my camera all the time?) but my friend got some shots with her phone...and she sent them to my phone...only thing is now I can't figure out how to get them off my phone and onto the computer (I don't have a smart phone).  Oh well...  Let's just say that it is not exactly glamorous, okay?   It didn't hurt that bad and I really do love it.  And it doesn't bother you when you blow your nose...that is the most often asked question I've gotten.   I'm sure half of you (maybe more) think I'm insane, but I don't really care what you think.  That's the beauty of waiting until you are in your 30's to do something like this.  You know what you want and you don't care about being judged for it.  And I know I won't keep it in forever, but at least now, when I'm 50 I won't say...why didn't I ever do that?  Why was I so worried about what other people were going to think?  And that makes it worth it.

I'm probably going to switch it out to something smaller...but I have to wait 8 weeks before I can.  Ugh.  Oh, and I just realized that next week's theme is self-portrait.  I am really going to have to get more creative on that one...because I'm sick of photos of myself already!

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  1. These pics are so beautiful...and so are you! I love love love this!!!!! SOO proud of you!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sheila!! Seriously, we need to meet up so you can see it in person! And we went to Beelistics so I thought of you while we were there. :)

  2. What wonderful shots - you did it, and it looks fantastic. I am excited for you. The second picture is my favourite, I love your expression, definitely one for the wall.

  3. Wow! You do look beautiful. I remember reading somewhere that it is not usually the things we have done that we regret at the end of our life - it is the things that we didn't do. Congratulations. I love the second photo.

  4. I love it...and I think your attitude about it is great. Who cares what everyone else thinks.....we all would be alot happier if we didn't care what others thought. It is kinda making me feel like a rebel....I seriously want a tatoo on my know the "smile" one. I think it is super cute. Anyway, I think it is adorable and I am smiling right now because I know you are glad SOMEONE commented on you post. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good for you to just do it. Also to have supportive friends to do it with is awesome.

  6. It really looks good, Shawna. Great pics and great in person!


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