Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 43 ~

Just one pic this week.  Me and my baby.  I took this a few minutes know when you stretch out your arm and take a picture of yourself?  Yeah, with my big camera it's hard to do because 1.  My camera is super heavy. 2.  The lens makes it so that I can't zoom out any farther so it's always an extreme closeup.  3.  The camera can never decide what to focus on, so I have to wait forever while I'm holding up the super heavy camera with my hand contorted to try to press the button.  4.  Usually I chop off someone's face.  So the fact that this is mostly in focus and no ones face is chopped off and we are both smiling....priceless.  And I never have any pics of me with my kids.  And this is the smile that he does right's silly with his eyes all scrunched and his eyebrows raised and his teeth hidden...but it's him.  And I may have mentioned this a few hundred times or so already, but I'm pretty smitten with this kid.

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