Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black House

When my daughter was little she had an imaginary friend named Alice.  This was when she was very little, probably like 2, I think it was before my son was born and while he was a newborn.  I remember having to push her on the swings.  Then, she progressed to her imaginary horse, Sarah, and I think she actually has two horses now, I think one named Bella too.  One is light brown and one is dark brown, I think, I can't really keep it all straight ~ it's kinda hard when you can't actually see them!  I always thought that it was sort of an oldest child thing to have an imaginary friend, but lately my son has been talking about his imaginary house.  Yes, his Black House.

It all started one day when we were in the car and he started talking about his black house being far away.  And he was telling me how to get turn left, then left, then straight, etc. (he likes to tell us which way to turn).  I didn't really know what he was talking about at the time.  I just figured he was remembering some house we had passed before.  Then it kept happening.  He kept talking about his black house.  And that's when I realized that it was his imaginary house.  It's a strange house.  He plays video games there.  That seems to be the most recurring theme.  And when you flush the potty it makes a weird noise.  And it's far away, "It takes for a long time to get there", he says.  Mommy can't go there.  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.  All I know is that I love it and it's so interesting to hear what goes on there.  If we ask him about it he'll either completely blow us off or he'll get into it and start telling us all about it.  I wish I could remember more of what he's told us about it, but it's honestly all so random that I can't think of it now.

I think it's really funny that both my kids have such vivid imaginations.  I don't really remember being like that as a kid, maybe they get it from their dad.  Either way, I think it's awesome.  Maybe they will end up being authors or something.  Or actors.  But there I go getting carried away with my imagination.  ; )


  1. He also has 2 dogs and a black car that is broke.

  2. Funny kid that one. It is great to hear what they come up with. "you should like lemonheads" ~Jen

  3. Haha, Jen, that still makes me laugh when I read it!!


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