Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sunset at Indian Rocks Beach

My absolute favorite thing to do with my family is go watch the sunset.  Usually it's this mad rush to get out the door in time so we don't miss it and we get there right as it's going down.  Sometimes though, we plan ahead and actually spend some time at the beach before the sunset just hanging out. That's my favorite.  Sometimes we have friends with us, and sometimes it's just the four of us.  I took my big camera with me a couple weeks ago when we went and I'm so glad I did.  My husband was fishing from the shore and my kids were swimming and I was alternating between swimming and taking pictures.  We even got to watch some teenage boys catch a giant tarpon.  It was a magical night that I won't soon forget with just the four of us doing our favorite things together.  I love that we live in a place where we can make these memories year round rather than just once a year on vacation.  

I love this picture of my two favorite kids!  I think I should frame it.

She was not in the mood for photos, but I still love her face, even when she's slightly annoyed at me.
Another favorite!
The boys catching the tarpon.
Maybe my husband will catch something big next time!  He had something on his line that night, but it snapped.  
I love these even if they are technically mistakes, I love her stance and how the one on the right is out of focus.

I can't wait for more beach days soon now that the weather is so perfect for it!  


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