Monday, October 24, 2016

A Few Days of Ohio Summer

While we were in town for summer camp we stayed a few days before and a few days after to visit with friends and family.  My girl always meets up with her old friend from kindergarten who she's managed to stay in touch with all this time.  And my boy, of course, tries to pack in as much time with his cousin as possible.  It's amazing they don't get on each other's nerves with so much togetherness, but they get along really well.  We got to see their cousins on my husband's side of the family too, including the ones who live in Texas and were in town the same time as we were.  I met up for lunch with one of my high school besties to see her sweet little girl and see her baby bump as she's expecting again.  I got to see my sweet little nieces and take their photos, and I did a couple other photo shoots while I was there including one with my cousin's little girl.  I met up for drinks with one dear friend and lunch with another, so I really do feel like I got to see almost everyone I wanted to in that short space of time that was jam packed!  Here are a few pics of our Ohio fun!  

When you try to get a pic of all the grandkids for your mom and the toddlers decide to hate life at that very moment and refuse to look at you.  Oh well!

They are all so cute!  They all get along too even though there are five years between the two oldest and four years between the next.

I love my niece's teeth.  I called her the little vampire that week.  I think she's lost more teeth now though, so I'll have to get new pics next time I see her.

Us Florida peeps aren't used to pool water that doesn't feel like bath water in summer.  It was way too cold for me!

My friend's toddler took a liking to my boy.  He was not a fan and it was so funny.

These two had a great time together at King's Island's water park!

All the cousins from the other side of the family.  We had a great day at King's Island with all of them.  My poor boy is totally outnumbered!

We met some friends at Panera on our morning out of town.  Some other friends also just happened to be there!  How fun!  I used to babysit them and her oldest and my boy are the same age so I needed a new photo of those two together.  They kept saying how my nephew was missing though because I used to babysit all three of them.

Road trip!  I took this on the way there but on the way back I didn't have my mom to help me drive so I wasn't taking pics.  We took 2 days to get home.  It was totally exhausting, but Ohio was fun!

I'm so glad we got to catch up with old friends and drive by all our old stomping grounds.  I miss Ohio sometimes, but spending time there in the summer is the perfect cure.  


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