Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Girl ~ A Photo Shoot ~

My daughter is my favorite person in the entire world to photograph.  She is definitely my muse.  Check out some of our previous shoots together here, here, here and here.  I have a slight obsession I guess!  I love that she gets what I want her to do and she is so natural about it.  We are totally on the same wavelength when doing a photo shoot.  And she's only 8, so I know that I have many, many years of fun ahead of me.  She still tires of it quickly, but the fact that she is totally into it in the moment is perfect.  She just gets how to pose and she just gets how to tilt her head just right for the light, and she just gets how to change her facial expressions the tiniest bit.  She's basically a photographer's dream.  Not to mention I happen to think she's pretty darn beautiful.  Of course, I am her mother, so I'm completely biased.  I did a photo shoot with her last week.  I picked all her outfits and curled her hair and we started off in my mom's yard.  No fancy locations needed.  You'd be surprised what you can do in just the average backyard.  We did head off to the park for a couple of shots on the front porch of the log cabin there because I seriously love that always has the perfect light and the perfect amount of contrast with the wood in the background.  Here are my favorites.

I love this shot.  It might be my favorite.  It's so hard to pick!

I love her face.  See what I mean about posing?  She just gets it.  On some kids this pose would look way too forced.  On her it looks totally natural.

Rocking her supermodel face.

My pretty baby.

Love the wind in her hair and her sweet, sweet smile.  

In our backyard.  We had to run home for a certain hairbow and I decided to pile her hair up and use  my favorite spot by this fallen log.  I love how these turned out.

I love her smile too!

At the log cabin...see what I mean about the light?!

I will never tire of these fun sessions with my girl.  I hope you enjoyed them a tiny fraction of the amount that I did. : )

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  1. Wow. She is so pretty, Shawna! I think you guys make a great combo--your photog skills and her modeling skills and natural beauty! My favorite is the last one of her in the floral dress--what a great smile! :)


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