Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Dreaming of this today.  These are from the past 7 years in no particular order.  I better go start packing!

I'll be back...maybe...

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Officially Spring

The windows are open.
The birds are chirping.  
The bikes have been ridden.  
Knees have been scraped.  
Trees have been climbed.  
The swings have been swung.  
Flowers have been picked.  
Mud puddles have been splashed in.  
The dandelions have bloomed.  
The laughter of my children chimes in my ears.
It's officially spring. 
I am content.

These are all my new favorite photos of the moment.  They capture my children's personalities so perfectly.  I love them.  I hope to capture many more beautiful moments in the next few months.  This time of year I feel I am coming alive again.  I can't wait.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Easter

I love Easter.  I realize that it's been two weeks now, but I still want to do a little post about it.  I love that Easter symbolizes a new beginning.  I love that it signifies the start of spring.  I love all the pastel colors and the kids in their fancy clothes.  I love the Easter egg hunts.  I love family getting together for a huge meal.  But  mostly, I love that it is a time of remembering that my Savior died for me and rose again to conquer death once and for all.  After all, that is my most heartfelt belief and something I have based my entire my life around, so it makes sense that the day is important to me.  It's easy to just brush it by and enjoy the egg hunts and the fun with family because it's a hard thing to think about. It's humbling.  It brings tears to my eyes and as a person who hates to cry I don't like to dwell on things that make me feel that way.  We should all dwell on it a little longer than one quick lunch with family, one quick church service.  It should change the way we live because that moment in history changed everything.  If you didn't give that momentous event the reflection it deserves I encourage you to do so now.  I'm going to, because I know that thanking God just that one day a year could never be enough.  I was busy Easter Sunday and I didn't have time to process it and honestly I didn't want to open up my emotions that day.  But I think I'm ready now and I'm glad I wrote this post to remind me. :)

I also wanted to share some photos from our dreary Easter day.  The kids were freezing for the outside photos, but they were such troopers for this mama who loves photos.

My pretty girl.  I curled her hair with hot rollers but it was no match for the rainy weather. Oh well...

My handsome boy.

I hate my face in this photo and we all look kinda awkward, but at least it's all of us in a photo, right!?  I'm sure when I'm like 50 I'll look back and think I looked fabulous...maybe...

I found these matching dresses for my girl and my niece.  My niece is obsessed with purple so I knew she'd love it.  They were even prettier in person.

Cousins and best buds.  I love my boy's outfit!  He was so handsome. :)

My mom needed a new photo of all of her grandkids.  I think I did pretty good considering some of my past efforts that you can check out here and here.


I love this photo of the boys!  They are too cute.

Thanks for hanging with me during my super sporadic posting!  I'm trying to be better, but I'm working part time in the evenings and some things just have to give and blogging is one of them.  I'm looking forward to summer and some less busy days with time to do the things I love. 


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