Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Bump ~ A Photo Shoot ~

Over the weekend I attended my good friend's baby shower.  It's her second baby, but every baby deserves a few new things.  After her lovely shower we had planned on taking some maternity pictures in her mom's backyard.  Little did I know that her mother lived in such a beautiful setting!  They had daffodils and a creek and a huge yard and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  The sun did pose a bit of a challenge since I was shooting in the middle of the day, but we still got plenty of great shots.  This was my first maternity shoot and it was sooo much fun.  I just love the glow on her face. 

Can you believe she is due in 3 weeks?  She has such a cute little belly!

Some women are just blessed with adorable pregnant bellies...I was not one of them, but clearly she is.

I just love this family shot with big sister's head on momma's belly.

I know I keep saying it, but her belly is so perfect!

I love how the branch behind her is mimicking the shape of her belly.  And I didn't even plan that.

Her and her husband.  Love this.

Love this even more.

Big sister is adorable!  Can't wait to see what this next baby girl looks like.

I am so in love with her hair, look at those little ringlets!

I had so much fun on this photo shoot.  I can't wait to meet their baby girl and I can't wait to take some pictures of her either!  Each time I do another photo shoot, I love it more and more and I'm even more sure that I want this to be my profession.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 12 ~

This picture of my daughter is a new favorite.  I love the light and my unintentional self portrait in her glasses! 

This is my new favorite picture of my son. I just love it. It's so him. I can't think of anything else to say about it other than I love it. It's going in a frame.

Our family portrait.  I love that my daughter's pigtails are showing and you can see the size difference in all of us.  I'm so happy to have some beautiful weather to take photos.  Hopefully I will get some variety in my subjects next.  I'm taking belly pics for a friend this weekend so I plan on posting some next week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Putting 101 ~ A Photo Blog ~

The other day after work my husband decided that we should go do a fun activity as a family.  After all, he is the keeper of our social calendar.  He usually goes and practices putting almost every day during his lunch hour and keeps talking about how he wants to take the kids.  So, we loaded them up and drove over to the golf course to practice on the putting green.  This is a great family activity and pretty much free (you have to own golf clubs, but putting is free).  I took my camera because that's what I do.  And I got some amazingly good shots, but of course everyone is wearing outfits that I don't love because this was a spur of the moment thing.  Oh well, embrace the imperfection, right?! 

I have a bunch to share because I love them all, but I'm saving a couple of my favorites for tomorrow's Photo Friday post, so make sure you check back to see them.

I love this because of my daughter's shadow.
He told us when we got home that the best part was Daddy teaching him.

In the hole!
My baby with my hubby in the background.  Love these.
My baby girl can golf too!
I am so in love with this picture!  Her hair flying, her missing tooth, her pure joy at making it in the hole.
Just some more of them in action.
I think she looks like a future Natalie Gulbis (she's on the LPGA if you don't know her) in this pic.  She walks with purpose. 
Last one.  Love the background in this shot.

I love that we've found a fun activity that all of us enjoy.  My little family just makes me so happy.  I could take pictures of them all day.  Hope you enjoyed them!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Lefty ~ A Video Blog

Here are some videos of my son golfing in our front yard. He is obsessed with golf. So much that his birthday party theme for his 3rd birthday was golf, which I found is not an easy theme to find party stuff for. Anyway, I thought I'd share his skills with the world, since I'm such a proud mama. Feel free to oooh and aaah all you like. The more the better. I like this first one because he pauses mid stroke to check out a car driving by. He also loves cars...his two loves put together in a ten second video clip. I love the internet.

Here's another one.

Last one.  I love his little voice at the end.  Next we have to get some video of him at the driving range and see how far he can hit his driver. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Found ~ Girly Lampshade and My Inner Craftinista

If you know me, then you know I'm a sucker for sentimental things.  And if you know my daughter, then you know she is a big scaredy cat of almost everything.  What do these two things have in common?  A lampshade.  You see, my daughter has this irrational fear of going into her bedroom by herself.  We've talked about it alot trying to determine what exactly is scary about going to her room.  So this past week we decided that maybe it's because she has to walk into her room to the other side to turn on her lamp because we don't have overhead lights in the bedrooms in our house.  Since we have room darkening shades, this means her room is almost always dark and she has to go in there to turn on the light.  But, there is one outlet in her room that is controlled by the lightswitch, so I decided that we would get her another lamp and plug it into that outlet and then she can just turn on the switch and not be scared anymore.  She thought that sounded like a great idea. 

Okay, onto the sentimental me part...  I have a lamp that was mine when I was a little girl, but the lampshade was broken so I decided to use that lamp and just buy a new shade.  No big deal, right?  Well, after going to a few stores I realized that there aren't really a whole lot of cute shades out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg, which would defeat the whole purpose of saving money by using a lamp we already have (did I mention I like to save money too?).  So, my mom and I set out to Old Time Pottery to see if they had anything since they have a ton of lamps.  I found a lamp and shade that cost less than one shade at Target, so I decided to just buy that lamp and modify the shade to make it girly since they didn't really have anything that was made for a little girl's room.  Here's where my craftinista comes in.  Yes, I just made up a word and I like it.  I bought some ribbon to trim the shade with.  Here's what I came up with.

Here is a close up view of the top trim.  All I did was fold the ribbon in half and then tie it around.  I didn't even glue it.  And then I trimmed the ends off after I tied the little bow.  Super easy!
Here is a detail of the bottom trim.  I had a ton of trouble with this because I just wanted it to be flat, but the way the shade is shaped it just wouldn't work.  So I came up with this.  I just folded the ribbon in half and then at every seem in the shade I twisted the ribbon and then glued it on.  I actually think it looks kinda nice, just a little fancy touch.
Just a pic of the lamp with the light on.
Here is a pic of the glue I used.  I also used it for a project I did where I added trim to the edge of my kitchen window valance.  Maybe I'll do a post of that a different time.

Hope this inspires you to "make it work" if I may quote Project Runway.  If you can't find the thing you're looking for then modify it or make it!  Find your inner craftinista.  Could I be more cheesy today?!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 11 ~

I picked three photos again.  I was originally planning on just doing one photo for each week, but hey, this is my blog and I can change the rules if I want.  So, three it is.  This picture is from yesterday while we were waiting for the bus.  My daughter likes to climb the tree in our front yard, but then when she gets to a certain spot she gets stuck.  I told her I'd get her down if she let me take a few pictures first.  Nothing like a captive audience, literally.  I love, love, love her eyes in this picture and the way the sun is shining on her hair. 
This picture is from the day before...you might recognize her St. Patrick's Day outfit.  She was stuck in her same spot.  I love her pouty lips in this picture and the way the branch in the background is blurred.

Last one.  I can't quite put my finger on why I like this one so much.  I guess it's the way her chin is resting on her hand or the way the sun is fading out the background.  Either way, I just like it.  I'm so happy that I am finally able to get some outdoor pictures since I really feel like those are my best shots.  Still practicing, practicing, practicing.  By the way, if you have anyone you'd like me to practice on, let me know.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechauns and Lost Teeth

This post will cover two very important topics...see title above.  My daughter lost her top tooth on Sunday which was a really big deal.  I was excited and horrified all at the same time.  Excited because she was so happy and she pulled it out herself without even telling us she was going to do it.  She just walked out of the bathroom with it in her hand, very proud of herself.  Horrified because now she looks like a big kid and she has a gaping hole in her mouth.  It's cute now, but I have always thought that kids with missing teeth look weird...and then their big teeth come in and they look like someone took a Chicklet and just stuck it there.  Granted, when it's your own kid, it's not as bad.  I've learned to not be grossed out by loose teeth and just last year if some other kid had come up to me and wiggled their tooth in front of me it would've given me the heebie jeebies.  I don't know why, it just did.  But when my kid does it, it's not as bad. 

Here she is showing off her new "window" in her mouth.

On to my next topic...Leprechauns.  My daughter informed me today that there has been a leprechaun visiting their classroom.  They haven't seen him, he just moves things when they aren't looking or hides stuff or makes a mess.  He's mysteriously similar to the gingerbread boy who visited their class near Christmas.  Anyway, she gets really into stuff like this, she has a really vivid imagination.  She claims to have seen the gingerbread  boy and even brought home a crumb of his from her classroom.  So, today being St. Patrick's Day she got all decked out in her green outfit (thanks to Aunt Bekah for buying her something green or I don't know what I'd have done).  Then she remembered that the leprechaun was going to visit them today and she needed to make a trap for him.  What?  Yes, because apparently the other kids have been bringing in homemade traps all week and no one has caught him yet.  I told her leprechauns are really sneaky so they probably won't catch him.  But if she doesn't make a trap then he will go in Sarah's trap and she will get to take him home!  O-kay, but remember, leprechauns are sneaky so she probably won't catch him.  But she put Lucky Charms in her trap to catch him!  Do I not see the urgentness of this situation?  No, I don't.  She gives me the look.  The "if you don't let me make a trap I will hold it against you for a least a week and you'll feel guilty about not being a good mom" look.  Okay, fine.  So I, the sucker that I am, go tearing through my house searching for a box to use for a "trap".   Geez, how big is a leprechaun anyway?  Apparently about the size of a mouse according to her.  She spent about an hour getting her trap ready.  And then she put some pennies in there to lure him in, after all, he is searching for his gold, right? 

I like how she's acting all nice in order to catch him.  Come on, get your gold, little guy...

She's so proud.  Hope she's not too disappointed when she doesn't catch him.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Go drink some green beer!  I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 10 ~

I just took this picture about an hour ago.  I had a different picture all picked out for my Photo Friday, but then when I saw this one I decided to switch it last minute.  The other picture wasn't of one of my kids, but this is definitely a better photo.  All the kids are dressing up as their favorite story book character today at my daughter's school.  First she was going to be Pinkalicious, but then she found out one of her other friends was going to be her, so she changed her mind.  She decided to go as "Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth" which is a book that was actually mine when I was a little girl.  It's really old...so you've probably never heard of it.  But in the story the rabbit loses her tooth and it's her top tooth, the exact one that my daughter is about to lose.  I wouldn't be suprised if she lost it at school today.  It's just hanging there. 

Anyway, I love the lighting in this photo.  And to be honest, I was just snapping a pic of her before school because I thought she looked cute, so I wasn't trying to be all professional.  But then I thought the lighting wasn't really great so I asked her to move about 3 feet over to in front of our back window and suddenly the light was perfect and her eyes popped.   So, now I'm going to resolve to always try to move to the best lighting possible even if it's just over to the window, because it makes such a difference. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pillow Talk

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was when my mom would make my stuffed animals "talk" to me.  She was so good at it and did all these little movements with them that they really did seem real to me.  And I know I was old enough to know that it was her doing it, and I remember her doing it, but I would still get lost in our conversation and feel like it was really my animals doing the talking.  Well, I started doing this with my kids a few weeks ago.  Now it's a full fledged bedtime ritual.  As soon as my son is in bed and covered up he tells me "Mommy, talk Teddy".  And so it starts.  It's interesting to note the difference between how my daughter interacts with her animal and my son's interaction with Teddy.  He pretty much likes to beat the crap out of him.  He will smack him and I'll make him cry, which will make my son laugh hysterically, and sometimes he'll even throw Teddy across the room.   Then I'll make Teddy hide from him and he'll try to find him and then in the end he'll give Teddy a big hug.  One time after I came down from tucking the kids in, my husband asked me what the heck was going on up there.  He thought one of the kids was throwing a tantrum or something, but I told him no, I was just talking Teddy.

Meet Teddy.

My daughter is a totally different story.  When I get into her room for a few goodnight snuggles she wants me to talk her animals too. She doesn't have a favorite like him, but lately she's been choosing her little stuffed dog, Smokey.  He's floppy and therefore easy for me to get to do more realistic motions than some of the stiffer animals.  It's funny, she'll have a whole entire conversation with him.  She really likes it if I get in the conversation too and then Smokey will talk to me too.  Last night, Smokey gave me a hug goodnight too and then as I was leaving her room she asked me, "Mommy, is it really you talking Smokey or is he real?"  I just shrugged and said, "I don't know."   It makes me smile that she feels the same way I did when I was little.   If you don't already do this with your kids, I encourage you to give it a try. You'll feel ridiculous at first, but I guarantee they will love it!

This is Smokey.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fill 'Er Up

It was sooo nice to finally get outside for a change yesterday.  The kids barely knew what to do first, they were so excited.  My son decided to get his truck out and take it for a drive.  But not before he filled it up with some gas. 
He's so cute when he does this.
He does all the steps.  Here he's picking the type of gas.
Gotta hit the button that makes the gas filling noise.
Then take a break and sit in your truck while it fills up.
And we're done.
Then it's time for a ride with your girl.  Okay, so she keeps saying that she's the mommy and he's the daddy because he's driving.  And he's adamant that "I not the daddy!!".

I just love this stage.  I think I say that at every stage of their lives, but seriously, I can't stand it sometimes with all the cuteness!

Found ~ Tiny Bud Vase

Ahhh, the sunshine is back, which reminds me that spring is on it's way.  With that comes flowers and the inevitable dandelion or two in our yard.  My kids love to pick them for me.  Last summer I was on a mission to find some sort of vase that would work for these little "flowers" since everything I had was either too big or just didn't look right.  One day my mother and I decided to drive up to Lebanon for the day and do a little antique shopping.  I don't mean the kind where you buy centuries old furniture and put it in your home and don't allow anyone to touch it.  I mean the kind where you might find a little treasure that just costs a few dollars or some vintage jewelry with just the right flare.  That's where I found this perfect little vase.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's only about 3 inches tall.  And it is absolutely perfect for the random dandelion.  It sits in my kitchen windowsill all year round.  I can't remember exactly how much this cost, but I know it wasn't more than a few dollars.  Maybe I need to talk my mom into another little trip.  

Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 9 ~

I had a bit of trouble choosing just one picture this week.  Let me explain.  This is a photo of my super adorable niece that I just took this morning on a whim.  You see, I went back through my photos and realized that she has been rather neglected on my blog.  Which is completely unintentional, because clearly, she deserves some screen time.  So I got out my camera and snapped a few cute ones.  This one is my favorite because I love the little hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.  And the slightly raised brow.  Could she be any sweeter?!

Next up, my daughter.  She doesn't usually make it into my Photo Friday either...mostly because she is in that stage where as soon as she notices the camera she feels the need to completely ham it up and make ridiculous faces.  See examples here.  Or she decides it would be really funny to run away or move around really fast so that everything ends up a blur.  I have much better luck with her outside since I can bump up my shutter speed much higher and catch her in action.  But I like this picture of her.  Mostly because her eyes look so blue.  They are a very dark blue, so sometimes in pictures, they seem almost brown, but the color of the pillow is really making them pop. 

I had to include this picture of my son because I just love it.  He isn't usually one for pics either, but I caught him in a good mood the other day.  I feel like I keep changing all my pictures to black and white lately, mostly because I keep ending up with some distracting color in the background.  I'm going to try to be more aware of this in the future since I love the color of his eyes and hair, but it gets all thrown off when I have a bright red chair right behind his head.  Plus, black and white does wonders to even out skin tone.  He keeps putting his teeth on his bottom lip which has resulted in a lovely red spot just below his lip.   You can still kinda see it, but it's much less distracting in black and white.  I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some outdoor pics for next week since the sun has finally decided to start shining again!


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