Saturday, March 30, 2013

That Boy of Mine

I spent a morning just me and my little boy yesterday and I always enjoy those one on one moments with my kids so much.  They are always so involved in playing with each other when they are both here and it's nice to get them alone so they can have a conversation with me without the other one interrupting or interjecting.  I get to see more of their personality as an individual and I just love it.  I need to do it more often.  It's harder now that we are homeschooling since they are both always here.  So, yesterday we just hung out in the morning and he told me some of his funny little stories.  He has a funny sense of humor and he will just crack himself up, which in turn will crack me up.  Like for example, he said, "Mommy, what if I was sleeping and I was hugging Teddy and I dropped him on the floor and then when I went to pick him up, I actually picked up the Easter Bunny and squeezed him!"  And then he totally cracked up like that would be the craziest thing ever.  I asked him why the Easter Bunny would be in his room and he said maybe he was hopping around looking for a place to hide his Easter basket.  He's always coming up with this little 'what if' scenarios that make us laugh.  So yesterday while we were chatting and he was entertaining me I took some pictures of him.  He was wearing this shirt that just looks so classic little boy to me.  It reminds me of something my brother would have worn in the 80's.  He just needs some short shorts and some striped tube socks to go with it. :)  Just kidding, I wouldn't got that far!  Here's my sweet, sweet boy.

So, he came to me a couple of months ago and told me he wanted "beach hair".  Then he proceeded to tell me how he wanted his hair to look like the Lego minifigure who came with his Lego beach house.  Then he ran and got the little hair piece and put it on his finger to show me.  I'm like, "That hair is plastic so your hair is not going to look exactly like that."  But he loves it and so that is the look we are going for.  Mostly it just looks like he needs a haircut.  I'm hoping if it gets to be about an inch or so longer it will actually swoop to the side like he wants.  We'll just have to wait and see!

I love his expression in this one. 

I don't even know what is going on here, but he thinks this is funny and told me I should post it. :)

So, while we were chatting, he asked me, "Mommy, can people's eyes look in two different directions at once?"  I explained to him that they can't really, but you can go cross eyed and then I showed him.  He wanted to do it too, so I had him look at my finger and he did it on the first try.  Then he needed a photo of it.  By the way, he told me not to post this photo because it's embarrassing.  How this is embarrassing and the previous one isn't I completely don't understand!  But I'm posting it anyway because it's adorable.


I got a peek at his dimple as he was walking away.  :)

These pictures remind me of some I took a couple years ago in the same spot in my bedroom.  Click here to check them out!  I can't believe how big he looks now compared to then.  And it seems like it wasn't that long ago at all.

We are looking forward to a fun Easter celebration tomorrow so I'll hopefully be back next week with some stories and photos to share.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Kids, At Home

We've been hanging out at home a lot due to the crappy weather around here.  Seriously, it's spring!  Where is the spring weather?!?  I should be used to it living in Ohio my whole life, but being a person of perpetual hope I always think that this year will be different.  I am counting the days until our Florida vacation.  I can't get out of here fast enough.  Anyway, this blog post is supposed to be about us hanging at home...I need to focus.  So, our days start with the kids waking me up.  Lately, they've been waking me by opening the curtains and pulling up the blinds which usually results in temporary blindness due to the east facing window.  Then they hide in our pile of blankets in the corner of the room.  On a side note, what on earth am I supposed to do with the 20 or so throw pillows that came with our bedding set?  Anyone?  The kids aren't complaining about the giant pile in the corner, so it's working for now. :)  The other day the light was just so gorgeous and I wanted to remember those moments when they wake me with their happy faces and want to snuggle up and talk about our plans for the day.  So I sent my daughter down to grab my camera and I snapped just a few.  I'm so glad I did because I love them.  I was too tired to care about posing or getting annoyed with their antics, so it just was a sweet moment when I captured their insanely happy, morning people moods (which they do not get from me).

I got the camera out another time this week after watching my kids at play.  I've been reading this book, Nurtureshock, and it reminded me of the importance of pretend play among children.  My kids were engrossed in some elaborate back story involving their lego house with the lego ball people who live there who when they pee it sounds like "twinkle, twinkle, little star" (I don't even ask anymore, they come up with the craziest stuff).  I let them have an extra long recess because they were playing so well together that I didn't want to interrupt, as absurd as their play seemed, I figured it was still beneficial in some way.  My son was wearing his cape and mask that day in anticipation of a super hero party he was going to that night so I got some cute photos of him in action as well.  I'm glad I've taken more photos of ordinary moments lately.  I wonder which photos I will look back on with most fondness in ten years time.  These or the posed ones?  Only time will tell, I guess...

When you are not a morning person it helps when you get woken up by this sweet smile.

And the sweet giggles of this silly boy.

I love this.

The lego house they built together.  I don't even think they noticed I was taking photos of them.

My little superhero.  He wasn't satisfied with just the cape and mask, he needed a weapon.  The bow and arrows were a good choice I think.

I took this photo only after strict instructions were given not to hit my camera lens with that suction cup arrow!  He's actually a pretty good shot and that suction sticks to the wall.

I forgot to mention he had a sidekick...kung fu girl...or something like that, I can't remember now.

Off to rid the world of evil!  Or at least chase his sister around the house a few times. :)

I'm hoping for more fun times together this week but maybe, just maybe we'll get to go outside?  Did I mention it's supposed to snow and we are on Spring Break?  Ugh...Ohio....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally! A Lost Tooth

My boy has had a wiggly tooth for months now.  I've never seen a kid try not to wiggle his tooth before, but that was my boy.  I thought he would never lose it.  The past few days it was starting to look like it might actually be ready to come out, and he would let me try to pull it, but it wouldn't budge.  I thought he might actually be 7 before he lost his first tooth!  But this morning we were just hanging out doing school and he wanted me to look at his tooth and I told him I bet it would come out today, so I gave it a good tug and it did!  By the way, if you told me a few years ago that I would voluntarily pull my child's tooth I would have never believed you.  Kids with loose teeth normally give me the heebie jeebies.  Other people's kids with loose teeth still do.  Motherhood is weird that way.  Anyway, my boy was super excited and it was so cute.  Check out my boy with his new window. :)

He's looking so grown up!  I wonder what he'll look like with adult teeth on top.  I'm thinking it might be years before we find out if he keeps going at this rate.

He is super excited to get his dollar from the tooth fairy tonight.  Here's to hoping she actually remembers for once.  We have a very forgetful tooth fairy around here!

I just went back to look for my post about my daughter's first lost tooth and I have to post a link because her story is so much more exciting than his.  I'm so glad I wrote it down or I would have completely forgotten about it.  So click here to read it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Slacker

I have been neglecting my blog again.  I hate that.  I don't mean to and then I start thinking that I should have kept up with my Photo Friday series.  Oh well.  I've been extra busy with a new project called 40 Bags in 40 Days.  The basic idea is that you go through your house and purge and declutter so that in the end you have less things which will make your life easier.  Although the process doesn't make it feel easier because my house is a mess, but then each project (say, the coat closet, for example) looks amazing on it's own.  I'm not explaining it well, so just go here and read about it.

I haven't gotten my camera out very much lately and I need to be better about that.  The weather is depressing and it's either snowy or muddy...but that's no excuse.  I should be better about just taking photos of things inside and things that inspire me during the midst of all this dreariness.  I'll try to work on that this week.  Maybe the sun will poke through for a bit and we can get outside.

School is going well, and I'm thinking about putting together a post about our experiences in e-schooling so far and what my thoughts are.  Let me know if you are interested in reading something like that.  In the meantime here are a couple pics of my cuties from the other day after they had come in from playing in the snow.

Eating snow cream and watching Spongebob.  I love their facial expressions.

I don't know why I keep changing all my photos to black and white lately.  I love his expression here.  Just imagine him with blue lips from the blue snow cream. :)  He isn't feeling well this week and I hope he gets over his cold quick because I can't stand it when my kids don't feel good, it breaks my heart!

Hopefully my slacking is over.  I'm gonna try really hard.  I promise. :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful Ballerina

My girl started taking ballet again recently and I love watching her dance so much.  They had a parent observation day this week and so I took some photos of her in action.  The whole group of girls was much more subdued than usual with all the moms watching, but it was still so fun to watch.  I don't know if this is weird to say or not, but I really love my daughter's body.  She's lean and long and graceful in ways that I am not.  Maybe that's why I admire it so much, because it's so opposite of me.  She's got limbs that go on for miles, whereas mine are the complete opposite.  She loves to dance just like I did as a girl though.  We do have that in common.  I love that she gets to learn to express herself through dance and hopefully become more graceful and confident in the process.  I cannot wait to see her recital and I think I am more excited about her pink tutu costume than she is.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the other day.  I forgot to have her pose for any sort of more formal shots of her looking at me, but oh well.  I sort of like these of me spying on her.  They remind me of some I took a few years ago.  You can find that post here.  

Waiting her turn.  I need to work on my bun hairdo skills.  Her's was totally falling out halfway through class. I love her profile.  I'm sure you are all sick of me saying that by now.

She tries so hard.  Such a perfectionist like her mom...

More waiting.  There's a lot of waiting around in ballet class.

I love her ballet outfit.  I found it at Target and it's just so her.

She was very excited to finally learn to do this.  Her teacher complimented her and she was so proud.

I love this.  

This photo is just so us.  Me with a camera in my girl sitting patiently, my boy just sitting however is just makes me smile.

I'm so happy I have these memories with my girl.


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