Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Beautiful Girl ~ A Photo Shoot ~

Every year I like to do a photo shoot with my kids for their birthday.  Some years I forget or life gets in the way, and some years (like this one) I do it a few months late.  I'm so glad I was able to get away for a couple hours with my girl and get some shots of her in this eleventh year of her life.  I'm so proud of who she is becoming and I love watching her grow up.

She is spunky as ever and and a lover of life.  
She feels things deeply even when sometimes I'd rather she brush things off.  
She reminds me to stop what I'm doing and really listen to her.  
She forgives me when I fail at being the best mama I can be which happens more often than not.  
She loves to learn new things with this year's newest activity being fishing with her Dad.  
She loves animals, but especially dogs.  
She's an entrepreneur with her own dog walking business and I couldn't be prouder. 
She's silly and theatric (but only in front of those she knows well).  
She still plays with her little brother even though he has to beg a little harder these days to get her away from a good book, or her new Pinterest obsession.  
She still loves to climb things, run fast, ride her bike, and swim like a mermaid.  
She takes such good care of me when I'm not feeling well.  
She loves the beach and rolling in the sand and wearing her goggles to inspect whatever underwater world she can find.
She loves her bff and she texts her as much as I'll let her because I'm the meanest mom ever since I won't let her get her own phone yet.  
She likes to do her hair and play with makeup. 
She loves to draw and she's more talented than ever.  
She loves Jesus and I love to hear her singing along in the car to worship songs praising Him.  

Life just moves too fast sometimes, doesn't it?  I wish I could stick a book on her head to stop her from getting taller.  And wrap her up in a bubble so the hurts of this life won't wound her.  On one hand my instinct is to protect her as much as possible and on the other I want to give her a gentle push at every turn.  It's an exciting time in her life gaining so much more independence and responsibility.  It's a lot to expect for her to be a little girl and a big girl all at the same time.  I hope I make good choices when parenting her.  At least I know whatever mistakes I make she will forgive and love me anyway.  She's my girl and I love her more than I can ever express.  These photos just make my mama heart happy.  I hope you enjoy them!  I have so many favorites I had a hard time choosing so I'm just gonna share all of them!

I have always thought that she looks like a young Jennifer Aniston, but whenever I tell people that they don't see it.  Whatever, I still think so!

I had no specific locations in mind other than just wanting some shots on the beach at sunset.  So we just found a place to park and walked around to see what we could find.  I love all the spots we found!

I love the ones by the rocks.  I should've taken more there but I'm not gonna lie, it was like 90 degrees out and I was melting and there was a huge rope around it with signs everywhere saying keep off the rocks so we just got a couple.

We headed over to the little dock area instead.  It was deserted and in the shade, so yay for that!  My girl can still rock the serious face!

I do not understand the whole peace sign thing kids do in their photos these days!  Oh well, she's still cute!

She makes crazy faces all the time.  These are her signature ones.

She had to text her friend during our shoot!  We found that old chair just sitting on the dock.  I wasn't sure it was going to hold her it was so old and weathered.  I like how that shot turned out.

I love her teeny freckles.

Another favorite.  I like the bird on the post behind her and how natural her pose is.

I know I'm biased and wearing mommy goggles, but my daughter is gorgeous!

I thought we were going to miss the sunset because I had to circle the parking lot like 5 times looking for a spot, until I finally said a prayer asking to please help us find a spot and one opened up right after that!  Seriously, it's the little things I'm sometimes most thankful for. :)

Love this.

Love how this turned out!  I had her climb up there one last time after the sun had gone down and we were about to leave.  I originally didn't do this shot because some people had a blanket set up watching the sunset right where I was standing and I didn't want to ruin the sunset for them.  She was so sweet that night being cooperative for all the shots she knew I wanted.

I love watching this girl grow up.  I am so happy to be her mama.  She's my favorite girl in the whole entire world and always will be. :)


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