Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Boy ~ A Photo Shoot ~

You might remember that I did a photo shoot with my daughter for her 7th birthday a couple of months ago.  Well, ever since then my son has been asking me when I'm going to take him to the train tracks to take his picture.  I think he was confused as to why she got to go there since he's the one who likes trains.  So, a couple Saturdays ago while my daughter was spending some time with her Grandmama, my husband and I took my favorite boy to the train tracks.  I mentioned in a post recently that I wanted to do a shoot with a monochromatic look so I grabbed a brown shirt out of my son's closet to put on him when we got there since this time of year pretty much everything is brown still (at least it was when I took these).  Note to self...make sure you try on the clothes your child will wear for the shoot before the shoot in case your child has managed to have some crazy growth spurt and now their sleeves are too short and you don't have any extra clothes with you in the van...sigh...   When we got to the tracks my son was so excited and he stopped for one picture and then was like, I'm done with this picture thing and he was headed off to see where the tracks lead!  He would have been walking all day if we'd let him.  He kept thinking he was seeing a tunnel in the distance because of the way the track was bending and the trees were lining it.  Here are my favorites from his shoot!

If I could pick a photo to define what my son is like right now, this might be it.  He is suddenly into more grown up boy things like punching (not people, but he likes to look at himself in the mirror while furiously punching the air) and making little explosion noises with his mouth and just being more "tough" in general.  It's all a big facade though because inside he's just a momma's boy and he's still sweet as ever.  I love this picture though...seriously...love it.  

See?  I took this right after the photo above and he can't quite suppress his smile.  

Balancing on the tracks.  I really wish his shirt weren't so short, but he still looks adorable, and I achieved the monochromatic look I was going for...kinda helps that his hair matches the brush behind him!

I realize the focus is a bit off in this one, but he is so quick and was walking right at me.  I still love it though since it's such a genuine smile.

Hamming it up!  I love this kid!

Oh my gosh, this sweet face just kills me. 

Jumping.  One of his favorite things to do...this kid has boundless energy.

Another cute one of him sitting on the tracks.  I know they are similar, but I just love them both.

As we were getting ready to leave I asked him to stand by this wall so I could get a little variety, and this was his expression.  Typical.  You can always tell how he feels about something!

This was snapped right after I told him I'd give him a piece of candy if he smiled for a couple more pictures.  Yes, I bribe my kids with candy sometimes...don't judge...

This might be my favorite.  I love his expression, the fact that he has his hood up, and the way his eyes look almost grey against the concrete wall.

There you go, my sweet boy at age four and a half.  I'm so glad I did photo shoots with both my kids recently.  Now I'm going to have a terrible time trying to decide which ones to print!

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