Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She Was Born This Way

As you know, my daughter has a tendency to be a little dramatic.  I often wonder if it's the influence of friends or the media that causes her to act that way.  After all, she went through a long period of time when she was around three or four where she was painfully shy.  But...I've discovered some old evidence that proves where it comes from.  She was born this way.  You see, we recently took all of our old digital photos off all of our various old computers and now have them all backed up in one place.  So I can now sit down and look at 7 years worth of photos if I want.  And every once in a while when I'm going through new photos, I'll click on an old random file folder (they are all ordered by date) and just see what pops up.  Here's what I discovered today.

This is when she was 18 months old.  She had some serious attitude already.  I love these pictures so much!!  See, she's always had supermodel potential!

A few days before her first birthday.  I'm sure someday she'll hate that I posted this.  Little stinker banging on Grandmama's piano.

She was 16 months old here at the zoo.  I love her facial expression.  You can pretty much tell by her face what she's thinking and she's still like that to this day.

No drama here.  Haha...she always has a square mouth when she's having some sort of tantrum.  Um, I'd love to say that she's outgrown this comment...

Just after she turned two.  That's a Mr. Potato Head tongue.  Yep, she's entertaining, that girl.  Now she does this hilarious dance where she acts like the music is just slowly getting into her body and she can't help it.  I crack up every time.  I need to take a video.  

At seven months.  Oh my gosh, I forgot what a messy eater she was!  This was at our old house where we had a small little cherry themed kitchen.

Holy freaking cuteness!!  I can't believe how cute and spunky she was.  It's sad that I had forgotten, but thank goodness for old photos to remind me!  She was 17 months here.

So, yeah, all that nature vs. nurture stuff?  Well, when it comes to some things, nature definitely wins.  I think that as a mom I try to teach her to control herself and be composed and keep her natural tendency to be melodramatic in check, but I needed this reminder that it is really a big part of her wonderful, big personality and I don't need to always squash it.  I think that's part of being a good parent, knowing how to nurture what nature has given them.  It's a struggle to know when to just let it go (all the drama) and when to address it, but I'm definitely learning.  I hope to help her strike a balance between extremes.  I love my little drama queen and she was such a fun, fun baby and toddler and is a fun big kid too.   Now, just what kind of teenager she will be is a whole different story...

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