Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 12 ~

Remember the other day when it was gorgeous and sunny and felt almost like summer?  Seems like ages ago now that it's freezing again.  I think my body is in shock.  I had a massive headache all day yesterday.  I think it's my body's way of protesting how crazy the weather is around here.  Luckily, because of this weekly assignment of mine I got out my camera on that glorious day and followed the kids around as the explored the yard.  They spent some time down by our creek (I was convinced one of them was going to fall in since there really isn't a bank, but they didn't!) and threw rocks and looked at bugs.  And they played on the swings and helped my husband pick up pieces of wood (he's working on getting rid of our stump we've had for a couple of years now).  My daughter informed me that I am not "naturey" because I don't like to get dirty...but I happen to think that I enjoy nature very much.  I think I need to work on changing her perception of me.  I can't wait to enjoy more warm, sunny days in the very near future (I hope) and I can get some more pics and take some time to put the camera down and bust out my "naturey" side and take that girl on some hikes and get dirty.  Here are my favorites from this week.

Ah, the sunshine in these makes me happy.  I love how you can see the golden rim around her pupils.  She has very uniquely blue eyes and I love them.  

I realize this is very similar to another pic I took of her recently, but I still love it so much.  I love her sweet round face that still looks so much like how it did when she was a toddler...I just know it's going to be gone sooner than I'd like.

Wow, his eyes look so dark in the picture.  I was looking at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor trying to see how violet her eye's were and it's hard to tell because different light makes eyes look different shades...for instance, my son's eyes are actually a pretty light blue in real life, but the lighting here makes them look so dark.  I like his facial expression here because I said to him, "Show me your freckles." and I could tell right away that he couldn't remember what freckles were.  He started looking around on the ground!  I told him they are those little spots on your nose and he just kinda looked at me like, how am I supposed to show you that?!

I love these of my girl and her wispy hair flying in the wind.  I don't remember what she was so excited and happy about, but I love that genuine smile on the's getting harder to catch from her now that she is more aware posing and cheesing for the camera, so this shot just makes me happy.

Speaking of genuine's easy to tell with this kid because his real smile makes his eyes super squinty just like me when I was a kid.  Love him just hanging on our playset here.  I could eat him up!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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