Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 People 12 Times

I had this great idea that I was going to do a project inspired by Tara Whitney (one of my favorite photographers) where you take a photo of your whole family each month of the year and write a post summarizing that month.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  Well, seeing as how it's already March and I've yet to do a post about it, it's not quite as easy as it sounds.  The reason I wanted to do the project in the first place is because while I have a ton of photos of each of my children, I have very few photos of the four of us together as a family.  Mostly that's because I'm always the one with the camera and up until a couple weeks ago I didn't even know how to use the self timer on it so the only time we have a photo of us together is when someone else is around to snap it for me.  I'm sticking with the project even though I'm combining January and February into one post.  I'm forcing myself to do it.  I know I'll thank myself someday for it.  Here's my family.  This photo was taken using our playset as a tripod and using the self timer on my camera on one of the unseasonably warm February days right after my husband got home from work.  I forced them to let me take a few pics.  I only took 3 total and 2 of them were out of focus.  Seems I need to work on this self timer thing...  So, this is what I've got, and it's not perfect, but it's us.

January and February just seem to drag by for me because of the cold.  I get into a funk every year because of it.  And I also do my yearly rant of "Why on earth do we live here when we could move somewhere warm?!" and I proceed to search for jobs for my husband in Florida and California and even send out a few resumes.  It's all wishful thinking I suppose, but it helps me get through to know I tried.  

My daughter turned seven in January and I still can't believe how much she is growing up.  She loves school and reading and art.  My son has gone into a stage where he doesn't want to go to school anymore, he just wants to stay home with me.  On cold winter days I want to stay home too, so I know where he gets it.  I'm dreaming of all the projects I'm going to do around the house once it gets warm, but for the past couple months I've been too busy wrapped up in a blanket trying to keep warm to get anything done.

My grandmother has been sick.  She was in the hospital for a week and so I smuggled my son in to visit her.  They have pretty strict rules about no kids during flu season, but no one said anything to us and for that I am grateful.  It really perks her up to see her little redhead.  I didn't take my daughter because she has an extreme fear of illness and injury.  I know for a fact she will never become a nurse.  They've moved my Grandma to a rehab facility right down the road from us so we've spent a lot of time visiting them.  These are the times I'm glad we haven't moved somewhere warm yet or I wouldn't be here to help out.  I hope that she gets better so my kids will have more time to spend with her.  It is truly a gift for them to get to know her.  

My photography business is slow right now.  I suppose I understand that people want to wait for spring to have their photos done, but it's been hard on me.  I spent most of January editing a wedding I shot for an old friend.  I also got the opportunity to go teach my daughter's first grade class about photography.  They were studying non-fiction and were interested in the photographs they saw in the books.  I had so much fun with them, but it was overwhelming.  I took my old film camera in and let them play with it (without film) and they asked some really great questions.  It's got me thinking that maybe I should teach a class for adults.  It's kinda funny that I would be less intimidated to teach adults than a room full of seven year olds.  I've also got a few other creative projects I want to do while business is slow including using my old film camera for a shoot with my kids.  Also, I wanted to enter a contest, but the theme was monochromatic and while going through my photos I realized I've never really explored that theme, so that's also on my list.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal around here.  So there you have it, my first post of 4 People 12 Times...maybe I should re-name it since it will be 11 times.  If you want to join in my project and do one with your family, please send me a link to your blog as I would love to check it out!


  1. Great idea, if you ever need someone behind the camera to make this process much easier just let me know. I'm usually over there a couple times a month anyway.

  2. Joe, that's a great idea!! I'm totally taking you up on that offer next time you are over!


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