Monday, January 24, 2011

My Favorite Girl ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I have a favorite girl and a favorite boy (one of the perks of having only one of each).  My daughter will write me notes and sign them "From Your Favorite Girl" and it is the sweetest thing.  Her birthday is tomorrow and I can't believe she is going to be seven!  I decided to do a photo shoot with her last week since I haven't really ever done a formal shoot with my own kids.  I take a ton of photos of them as you know, but I don't ever purposefully style them and take them to a location specifically for a shoot just with them.  I decided it would be something fun to do with my favorite girl and since she likes to have her picture taken it seemed like a treat.  We drove just a couple minutes from our house to some train tracks.  I have never done photos on train tracks before.  I was kinda avoiding it thinking that every photographer uses them and I don't want to be generic, but I think I now understand why every photographer uses them.  They are great!  My girl had so much fun playing around on the tracks.  And let me just say that it was very, very cold that day.  If you are afraid of doing a winter photo shoot, don't be, because the photos turned out amazing!  And how fun to document her birthday in the snow since she was born during a snowstorm and it snows almost every year on her birthday.  I was ready to be done way before she fingers were frozen!  She was just skipping around and having a great time though.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite girl.

Seems like every photo shoot I do I have a favorite photo that is from when I was just testing the lighting.  They are always so natural.

My sweet baby girl.  I love her little pose.  

Twirling.  What little girl doesn't love to twirl?

Her sweet smile.  She's wearing my giant scarf because she's already lost 2 scarves at school this year.

This might be my favorite.  I love her big blue eyes and her cute expression.

Her grandmama gave her some bubble gum the day before so she was obsessed with trying to blow bubbles.  I want to remember that she was just turning seven when she finally figured it out.

 She did it!  Oh, and those are her little brother's gloves that she loves because the mitten part flips over to show her fingertips just like mine.

Her serious face.

I love this!  She was balancing on the tracks.

My little showoff.  Notice she's just balancing on one leg.  I love her smile.

I really love this.  It's not completely in focus, but I like that about it.  It's soft, like a memory.  And I love the way the wind is blowing her hair.

I just love all of these so much!  I'm totally biased because she's my baby girl.

I love her profile.  And I love her boots, and I love the pop of her pink hairbow and the tracks fading off in the distance.

I'm so glad I have these photos to remember exactly what she was like the year she turned seven.  She's sweet, she's sassy, she loves to dance around, she adores her family, she loves to read, she loves to play with all her little animals, she's a little drama queen, she loves to play dress up, she likes to ride her imaginary horse, she likes to pretend to be Maggie the dog, she loves to play with her little brother, she loves to snuggle, she's a shameless beggar, she has a huge sweet tooth, she has an infectious laugh, and she drives me crazy sometimes but I love her to death and wouldn't change anything about her.


  1. This is the sweetest! Happy Birthday, Ava!

  2. (Is it so beautiful that i hav seen with my eyes.)
    Yes it is.
    it is so beautiful.
    I really like it.
    Keep growing.
    and pls give some tips to me also.

    Its adorable

  3. If there is like button on every picture.

    i will like all of them.


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