Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 9 ~

This is my little bookworm.  I took this picture this morning before she got on the bus.  She has been reading that book all week and she's really into it.  It's a Magic Treehouse book that she got from the school library.  She even had to put it down the other night because she said it was at a scary part.  I asked her this morning what it was about and she was reading a little bit to me.  It's about "Lorenzo Vinki" she said.  Hmm...I looked at the page she was reading and saw "Leonardo" on it.  "You mean Leonardo DaVinci?" I asked.   She giggled at herself and informed me that when she doesn't know how to pronounce a name she just makes something up which is the same thing that I do.  Like mother like daughter.  I'm so glad my daughter is a reader like me.  Someday she'll be fighting me for my Kindle.  I can't wait until she is a little bit older and we can read the same books together and discuss them.  I'm dying to introduce her to Anne of Green Gables and The Chronicles of Narnia.   I also really want to read the Harry Potter series and have been waiting to read it with my kids.  Looks like it will happen sooner than I thought!

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