Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 11 ~

Waiting for the bus.  He still adores his big sister and can't wait for her to get home.  I love that about my kids.  Although sometimes when the other is missing they don't even notice.  Like when I picked my daughter up from school yesterday and she didn't realize until we were halfway home that her brother wasn't with me.  She was excited to have some alone time with mommy though.  I really love this picture of my boy.  His chin is just like my dad's side of the family.  I think everyone on that side has the same chin.  Isn't funny how you notice random things like that when you see a certain photo?

I love that this photo has that grainy, film look to it.  I still haven't gotten out my old film camera, but it's still on my list.  Maybe I'll get to it one of these days...

I love this!  The light hitting his face and his curls and him hugging on his favorite guy.  That's Ducky.  He has given up on Teddy, his old favorite lovey in favor of Ducky.  It was something that the Easter Bunny brought one year and my daughter found it in the basement one day and gave it to him.  She thought it was from when he was a baby, but it really wasn't.  Now he is convinced that it is from when he was a baby though and he always talks about it.  And he just thinks Ducky is so cute and loves his little tuft of hair sticking up.  I really wish he had a bit more of a masculine lovey, but what can I say?  I guess it could be could be a bunny, or a unicorn, or something like that.  You really just never know what your kid is going to get attached to.  At least Ducky has a green bow!

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