Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 13 ~

I was looking through my photos from this week and it was a really slow week for photos.  I had a handful of pics from my daughter this morning because I took some pictures of a note she wrote to the tooth fairy (I'll share it in a different's so cute it deserves it's own post!).  I didn't really think they were worthy of Photo Friday, so I tried to snap a few of my son just before dinner and those didn't really turn out how I hoped either.  The battery in my camera was running low and it just seemed the shutter was kinda sluggish...just enough to make everything not quite crisp enough for my liking.  So, here I am back to the pics of my daughter.  I ended up just picking one where she was showing off the new window in her mouth and it was a little boring so I played around editing it for way longer than I intended and had two different versions of it.  This one ended up winning because it is so totally different than what I would normally do.  It definitely has a sort of seventies vibe to it.  Here you go...

I think she sort of resembles a jack o' lantern now.  A really, really adorable one.  

Let me know what you you love this style or hate it?  I kinda like it, but I definitely wouldn't do it to every photo, it's just not me, you know.  But I might try it again depending on what you guys think!

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