Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happily Ever After ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This wedding took place on New Year's Eve which I think is very fitting as it represents new beginnings.  This bride is a dear friend of mine who I've known since we were about twelve years old.  We went through bad hair together, cheerleading drama and all the fun of junior high and high school.  After that we sort of lost touch as I went away to college.  It was so nice to reconnect a couple of years ago and here she is starting a new chapter in her life and I get to be a part of it again.  I just want to say how wonderful it is to see this couple in love.  They are such a great match for one another.  They are so comfortable together, you'd think they would have been together for years.  And I think it's totally romantic that they had such a short engagement.  I mean, when you're ready to get married, you're ready, just do it!  (Says the girl who had a four month engagement.)  I was really nervous about photographing this wedding because it all took place after dark.  I call myself a natural light photographer because that is my comfort zone.  So this wedding definitely took me out of it, but I think it turned out pretty good.  It helps when your bride is completely laid back and puts complete trust in your abilities.  So, enough typing, let's get to the photos!

Getting ready.  Her shoes were awesome! 

We did photos before the ceremony.  This is when they first saw each other.

She did all the flowers herself...I think she could have a career in floral design if she ever wanted to give up being a lawyer!

We were actually able to go outside for some photos because of the crazy weather.  It was almost sixty degrees out, but the lake behind them was still frozen.  

She was such a classy bride.  Her dress was stunning.

I love a couple who isn't afraid to be affectionate in front of people.

I love this.

I love the way they look at each other.  


Their ceremony was definitely unique...the man performing it had them say "I do" twice!  I think he was a little flustered.  They are definitely officially married. :)   I'm sure they'll look back at it and laugh.

Love this.  A stolen moment just the two of them right after the ceremony.  Husband and wife.  Contentment.

These pictures are making my mouth water...mmmm...cupcakes...

It makes me so happy to see my friend this happy.

What a fun way to ring in the new year!

Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple.  I am so lucky to have you counted as friends.  I've enjoyed watching your romance and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!


  1. They look AWESOME Shawna.....great job!

  2. Fantastic! I wish we could go back in time and you could do our wedding pictures! GREAT job!


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