Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 4 ~

I have three very different photos to share this week.  I decided to take some self portraits the other day thinking I'd use one for Photo Friday, but I really need to get more creative with them.  This one resembles one I took last year a little too closely.  I still like it though, so I'm sharing it.  Someday my kids will appreciate looking at old pictures of me, just like I love seeing old pictures of my parents.  I need to stop being so self critical, because in their eyes I am beautiful which is one of the many, many wonderful things about being a mom.

Meet my grandma.  She was beautiful when she was young and she's still beautiful now, even in her eighties.  I love her dearly and I know I will cherish this photo of her someday.

On a completely different note, here is an interesting picture I took of my daughter this week.  We were sitting at the kitchen table and there were leftover cupcakes from her birthday on a cake plate with a dome lid and we noticed that if you looked in the ball on top of it you could see the person across from you upside down.  Pretty cool.

Hope you have a great weekend!  If you are doing a similar project, please leave a link in my comments so we can check it out!

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