Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family of Five ~ A Photo Shoot ~

This photo shoot is actually from the end of November, but with the holidays I just hadn't gotten around to blogging it.  It deserves to be on the blog though.  The mom of this bunch and I go way back.  I have pictures of us at summer camp together.  It's awesome how so many years later, here we are, still great friends.  I love how old friends fit like a comfortable pair of jeans.  She shares a passion for candid photography with me.  She wanted tons of candids, and not a lot of posed shots.  So, I tried to deliver.  I met up with them at their house and we just kinda hung out.  I took some pictures of them in their backyard, and then we walked down the street to the lake in their neighborhood.  We finished with some shots of them inside their house.  It was so much fun, and I think I really captured the essence of what makes up their family.  See what you think.

I love that they are so comfortable being affectionate.  Reminds me of my own family.  You can just really tell that they love each other.

Well, the photographer in me couldn't resist a few more traditional shots of the kids.  Besides, you gotta keep the grandparents happy too.

This boy loves his swords.  Really...he loves them.  He hardly put them down the entire shoot.  So cute!

Beautiful girl.

Another beautiful girl.

Love this.  She's such a thoughtful little girl and I think this totally fits her.

As we headed off down the street, she had to show me how she whistles.  I love the light in this shot so much.

I saw this sign and couldn't resist.

Such a sweet little girl.  This is in front of the lake.  It was the perfect evening for photos.

I couldn't resist a close up of those freckles!

I don't know if my overly self-critical friend will like this one or not, but I love it.  She was laughing at her girls doing something while the baby was looking at me.  I adore his expression.  So cute!

Love the golden light in all of these.

The girls showing me the treasures they found on our walk.

We went back in and warmed up by the fire and the kids watched a little tv.  That profile shot on the right is one of my faves.

They had promised the kids hot cocoa when we were done.

We then headed up to their bedroom in hopes of getting some of the kids on their bed, but everyone was pretty much done at that point...however, I did get this awesome shot of the baby.  I don't know why, but every time I look at it, it makes me think of Wolverine.  He seems tough, but he's a total mamma's boy.  I love that.

I hope you enjoyed them!  I had so many favorites, I just couldn't decide.  Now I just need some shots of my own family like that.


  1. You did such a great job, Shawna! I LOVE how they turned out! the ones you picked for this post and the story it tells. Such fun!

  2. love it. beautiful family and beautiful photos.


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