Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Piano Move

Last week a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had a free piano for the taking.  That was music to my ears!  I have always wanted a piano, but our budget for something like that was non-existent.  I told my husband about it and he said, let's get it, so it was a pretty easy decision.  We didn't even go look at it first.  My friend has good taste, so I knew it wouldn't be hideous, and I knew it worked and did I mention it was free?  So that was all I needed to know.  I'll be honest, we didn't really know anything about moving a piano, so I did what any normal person would do, I looked on youtube for videos of people moving pianos.  Wow, there were a lot of videos of what not to do.  So, my husband decided to rent a low trailer with a ramp from u-haul for $25 and a flat dolly for $8.  It was definitely the way to go.  I think a piano for $33 isn't a bad deal, don't you?  We also recruited some friends to help out.  First one.  Then we decided maybe 2 would be better, just in case.  Another day went by and we added 2 more, just in case.  Altogether there were 4 men moving it.  I'm glad we went with more instead of less.  It went pretty smoothly.

Of course it snowed all day the day before we were supposed to move it.  Not that they let that deter them at all.  I'm just glad no one slipped and fell!

Maneuvering it on our tiny sidewalk.

Taking a break as they contemplate how to lift it up the steps.

I love all their faces.  I had total confidence in them the whole time.  Mostly.

They did it!  I didn't even have time to adjust my camera settings they were so quick.  Hence, this completely dark shot.

My kids sat down to play it first thing.  Sorry for the horrible picture quality.  I was too excited to worry about it.

So, I was hoping one of my kids would be a natural prodigy and just sit down and start to play.  I'm thinking this kid with the one finger method isn't it.

Ha!  He loves this pic so I had to share it.  He thinks his face is hilarious.

This kid might have a little potential.  She already taught herself how to plunk out Joy to the World.  Here's to hoping she'll end up my little virtuoso.

While shopping the next day at TJ Maxx trying to spend my Christmas gift card, I found the perfect lamp.  I can't get over how perfectly the piano fits in this room.  And I love the classic style of it.  

Thanks to my friend for giving away her piano, and thanks to all the guys who helped us move it.  Have I mentioned what awesome friends we have?  I'm so happy. : )

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