Monday, May 3, 2010

Brotherly Love

We are a pretty affectionate family.  My son has to give his sister a hug and a kiss every day before she gets on the bus.  If he forgets he gets pretty upset.  The other day I had my camera out when he was getting his goodbye kiss and he decided to ham it up for me.  Someday, when they are teenagers, I'll whip out these pictures to remind them of how much they love each other.  I'm sure they'll love that.

I'm pretty sure he's just trying to be as annoying as possible here.  Brothers...

And I noticed he was trying to be extra slobbery too.

He thinks he's cute and funny.  Yeah, I do too.

I think brothers are born with the annoying gene.  At least she still thinks it's funny, for now.

After all that, he had to get a real kiss.  I like how she is very subtly pushing him away.

Future blackmail picture.


  1. LOVE you header! Your pictures are awesome. Cute kids, too!

  2. Thanks Kristen! I learned how to make my header at this link and it was super easy!


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