Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Imaginary Horses and Putt Putt Golf

What on earth do these two have in common?  They are both integral parts of our vacation story this year.  My daughter has an imaginary horse named Sarah.  She rides her almost every day.  She gallops pretty fast through our house, but mostly she's a good horse.  She neighs and she does jumps over things as well.  I didn't realize that she had somehow managed to make it to the beach with us, but there she was.  It was early in the morning (I was still in bed) the second day or so of our vacation when my daughter was riding Sarah through our condo.  I'm retelling this from my husband's point of view, since I was sleeping through this.  Anyway, they were galloping around at a good clip and then Sarah decided to take a flying leap over the threshold of the sliding glass door to the balcony...not realizing that the sliding glass door was closed.  I guess Sarah just kept on going right through the door, what with her being imaginary and all, but that left my poor daughter landing nose first into the glass at full gallop speed!  Ouch!  Well, this aroused me from my lovely sleeping in, lazy morning into full blown panic mode when I hear my husband scream my name from the other room and say that my daughter is hurt.  I come running down the hall at break neck speed to my daughter screaming and holding her face.  While on my sprint down the hall I had visions of broken bones and squirting blood, but there was none to be seen.  My husband is not necessarily known as being a calming person when the children get hurt.  He tends to look the other way and freak out thinking it's much worse than it is because he's afraid to look...apparently he was convinced she had knocked all her teeth out before he even called me and didn't bother to check since he was so freaked out.  But her teeth were all intact.  And she appeared fine but said her nose hurt.  And then I looked at her from the side...yikes...she resembled Ben Rothlesberger after he broke his nose in the motorcycle accident.  Not what you want to see when you look at your little girl.  I am pretty sure she broke it. But then I'm not really sure because she didn't cry that long and it didn't really hurt her when you touched it.  And she only had the tiniest little nose bleed.  Anyway, my husband and I looked at each other like, oh no, and tried not to freak out the drama queen.  I started calculating how we could pay for her future nose job.  I mourned her old face for about an hour and then figured we'd get used to the new one.  But, I'm happy to report that after the swelling went down, her nose seems to be fine.  It looks pretty much the same to me.  Maybe a tiny, tiny bump on the bridge, but no one besides her mother will ever detect it I'm sure.  You can't really even see it in our vacation pics unless you look really hard you can see a small bruise on her nose and on her forehead.  I am so thankful that she wasn't in pain and it didn't really affect our fun at all.  And I'm also happy to report that she has harbored no ill feelings toward Sarah for her tragic mistake that day.  They are still galloping around the house as great friends.

Moving on to other happier memories from vacation...we did a lot of golf while we were there...shocking, I know.  My husband took our son golfing on the real golf course for the first time.  It was a par 3 nine hole course and they took a cart.  He let our son sit in his lap and steer the golf cart, which was the highlight of the day for him.

Here's a picture of them getting ready to leave for the course.

He is so cute carrying his clubs.  And he just got that new Titleist hat and it's just a little bit big and smashes his ears.  I'm convinced that it's somehow going to make his ears stick out...anyone else's kids do that?  Please reassure me that his ears will be okay.

Oh and my son also thinks that the beach is a giant sand trap for him to practice in.  Here he is golfing on the beach.  He talked about it the whole way there that he was going to golf in the sand and he wasn't kidding.  I was convinced he was going to hit some old people in the head but he didn't...and I think the old men got a kick out of watching him golf.  We had more than one come up to us and comment on his natural swing.

And if that wasn't enough golfing, we went putt putting.  Twice.  The kids loved it and I think that my husband and I may have loved it even more.  We have quite the putt putt rivalry going.  I'm really good at putt putt, so I almost always win.  And I did the first time, by 4 strokes!  But then we went to a different course the next time and their greens were super fast and I ended up getting a 7 on one of the holes and then it was over.  He won by 4 strokes that time.  We'll have to have a tie breaker game this summer to determine who is really the best putt putter in the family.  I already know it's me though. :)  And the kids each got a hole in one too!  And so did me and my husband, but no one was watching when he got his.  Suspicious or not?

My little golfers.

I'm pretty sure my daughter had more fun climbing around on the huge fake rocks than she did actually golfing.

A very non conventional family portrait.

Argh!  It's me cutie pie in the stocks!  You can see her infamous bruise a little in this picture.

We had such a great vacation.  My son told me today he doesn't want to be home, he wants to be at the beach.  Mommy knows exactly how you feel, Bud.  I'll be posting more this week about our trip.  It was just too fun and I don't want to forget anything about it!

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