Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 17 ~

These pictures are my favorites this week because they are of my favorite people, in one of my favorite places.  These were taken the other evening when we were outside playing baseball.  I love the softness that the lighting gives them.  

Here's my daughter stepping into the enchanted garden.

I love the light on her hair, the stance, and the boots!

My beautiful girl.

I love his expression in this one.  And his little hand.

I adore this kid's laugh.  It's one of my favorite sounds in the whole world.  I can be in the worst mood possible and soon as I hear it, my mood is lifted.

Little did I know that the enchanted garden has poison ivy in it!  Oh well...these pics made it worth it.  I've got three photo shoots scheduled this weekend, so check back next week for some peeks at them!

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