Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 21 ~

Once again, I hardly took any photos this week!  I had to run outside after lunch with my son (who was in a surprising willing mood to be my model) and snap a few real quick so I'd have something to post.  It's just been really busy around here lately for some reason.  Which is why I'm glad that I'm forced to pick up my camera because of my weekly assignment.  Without it, I might not take any photos for a month, and then where would I be?  I definitely need the practice.  I didn't have any time to edit these, so they've just had a quick crop or color adjustment.  I still love them though.  This is my son's laugh...he thinks he's hilarious.  He's such a typical younger child, always trying to entertain us.

Although he was willing to be my model, (sometimes he'll flat out refuse to let me take his picture) you still never know what you're gonna get with him.  He was being silly with that golf ball and put it right in front of his face for most of the pictures, but I still managed to snag a few smiles. 

Last one...I love how he just laid down like this with his legs crossed.  Love his bare feet, his birthmark showing, the fact that he's holding a golf ball (his favorite thing) and that he's covering one eye.  This kid is always squinting or covering an eye.  If we are outside he always walks around with one eye closed like a little pirate.  I asked him to move his hand off his eye but he said, "I can't, it's too bright."  I still love it though.

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