Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Izzy's Growing ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I had the pleasure of doing another photo shoot with little Izzy who was one of my first newborn photo shoots.  You can see her newborn pics here.  I can't believe she's 6 months old already!  She is adorable as ever with some added baby fat (I adore chubby babies, I just want to squeeze them!).  She's such a happy little thing, she was a great little model for me.  I had so much fun with her and her mom.  Here's some of my favorites from her shoot.

 See, isn't she adorable?!

What a sweet expression on her face.

Love this.  Is there anything sweeter than the love between a momma and her baby?

 I love how you can see her mom in the reflection of her sunglasses.  And me, aka the paparazzi. 

I love this over the shoulder shot because of how soft her skin looks.  Ahh, baby soft skin.

Okay, let me just talk for a second about cellulite.  How come baby cellulite is so freaking adorable?!  And how come grown up cellulite is so ugly?  The world is so unfair.

Love the light in this one.

The many expressions of Izzy.  Gotta love how a baby can go from sad to happy in 0.01 seconds.

I just love her little finger in this picture.  Melts me.  I love baby hands.

She was beyond done with me and my camera at this point.  Love it anyway.

How fun to get to shoot the same little baby as she grows up!   I love my job.

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