Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lost Vacation Photos

I realize that I have posted a ridiculous amount of photos from my vacation already.  It's a disease I have.  But my problem is that I want to eventually have my blog printed into a book every year so that I don't have to also then print and scrapbook the same photos that I post on my blog.  The dilemma is then, do I bore all my readers with a million photos from my vacation so that way when I get my blog printed I'm not missing any?  Or do I pare down the number of photos from my eventual scrapbook to spare you all the boredom?  Do you see the major dilemmas that life throws at me?!  How great is my life if this is my major dilemma right now...pretty great, actually.  So, please bear with me as I post a few last photos.  I promise I will move on to other things after this.

 He only left his shirt off for about 5 minutes until he realized how much colder the water feels with no shirt.
 Cute little sandpiper.  They are so fun to watch...until my kids chase them away.
 I love that you can see his dimple and his eyelashes in this pic.
 Pretty girl on the way to dinner.  She made that necklace herself when she found a shell with a hole in it and she used one of her hair ribbons since we didn't have any string.
 He thinks it's funny to make this face when I want to take his picture. 
 I love when I get a picture of her when she doesn't realize I'm taking it.
 Me and my girl.
 The little fishes.
 Posing in her new "yellow polka dot bikini".  She liked when we sang the song for her.
This isn't a great pic, but it's just so them.
 Me and my love.
 This pic is from the first night we were there.  My daughter had to get all her "guys" out (that's what she calls all her stuffed animals) and show them the view.
 I love the colors of the ocean in this picture.  And I love how tiny she looks next to the vastness of the ocean.  Too bad I don't have a wide angle lens...maybe next year.

Okay, I'm done.  No more vacation reminiscing.  Oh, and I started a Master To Do list today of things I want to get done around the house this summer.  It's two pages long.  Better get busy.  I might have to start updating the blog so that I can track my progress.


  1. Your pictures are great! It's your blog - do whatever you want :) It's always a pleasure to read.

  2. The pic of her at the ocean is awesome no matter the lens. And ... I'm wondering why I didn't see any of these when you posted them originally. Usually they are on facebook and I look there. Oh well...

    As for the shells... you could put them by the fence at Aaron's pool... or make your own chintzy vacation treasure box or photo frame... or fill a vase with them....none of those are fabulous ideas though...


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