Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pillow Talk

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was when my mom would make my stuffed animals "talk" to me.  She was so good at it and did all these little movements with them that they really did seem real to me.  And I know I was old enough to know that it was her doing it, and I remember her doing it, but I would still get lost in our conversation and feel like it was really my animals doing the talking.  Well, I started doing this with my kids a few weeks ago.  Now it's a full fledged bedtime ritual.  As soon as my son is in bed and covered up he tells me "Mommy, talk Teddy".  And so it starts.  It's interesting to note the difference between how my daughter interacts with her animal and my son's interaction with Teddy.  He pretty much likes to beat the crap out of him.  He will smack him and I'll make him cry, which will make my son laugh hysterically, and sometimes he'll even throw Teddy across the room.   Then I'll make Teddy hide from him and he'll try to find him and then in the end he'll give Teddy a big hug.  One time after I came down from tucking the kids in, my husband asked me what the heck was going on up there.  He thought one of the kids was throwing a tantrum or something, but I told him no, I was just talking Teddy.

Meet Teddy.

My daughter is a totally different story.  When I get into her room for a few goodnight snuggles she wants me to talk her animals too. She doesn't have a favorite like him, but lately she's been choosing her little stuffed dog, Smokey.  He's floppy and therefore easy for me to get to do more realistic motions than some of the stiffer animals.  It's funny, she'll have a whole entire conversation with him.  She really likes it if I get in the conversation too and then Smokey will talk to me too.  Last night, Smokey gave me a hug goodnight too and then as I was leaving her room she asked me, "Mommy, is it really you talking Smokey or is he real?"  I just shrugged and said, "I don't know."   It makes me smile that she feels the same way I did when I was little.   If you don't already do this with your kids, I encourage you to give it a try. You'll feel ridiculous at first, but I guarantee they will love it!

This is Smokey.


  1. That's very sweet! It gave me chills for some reason.

  2. Of course Smokey is real! My bear Charlie still chats with me from time to time. Of course, he only feels comfortable speaking at Mom's house. Hmmm....


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