Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 11 ~

I picked three photos again.  I was originally planning on just doing one photo for each week, but hey, this is my blog and I can change the rules if I want.  So, three it is.  This picture is from yesterday while we were waiting for the bus.  My daughter likes to climb the tree in our front yard, but then when she gets to a certain spot she gets stuck.  I told her I'd get her down if she let me take a few pictures first.  Nothing like a captive audience, literally.  I love, love, love her eyes in this picture and the way the sun is shining on her hair. 
This picture is from the day might recognize her St. Patrick's Day outfit.  She was stuck in her same spot.  I love her pouty lips in this picture and the way the branch in the background is blurred.

Last one.  I can't quite put my finger on why I like this one so much.  I guess it's the way her chin is resting on her hand or the way the sun is fading out the background.  Either way, I just like it.  I'm so happy that I am finally able to get some outdoor pictures since I really feel like those are my best shots.  Still practicing, practicing, practicing.  By the way, if you have anyone you'd like me to practice on, let me know.


  1. You could practice on my little smiler. It would be a challenge to get her to *not* smile and do some serious looks like these. ;-)

  2. You know I would love to! Email me and we'll set something up. She'll definitely be a challenge!

  3. She looks so grown up! I like the middle one :) Would you be interested in taking a family photo of us? We need one with Hans and would love to do a shoot here at our house - especially before we sell it. I need the memories! Let me know your schedule, rates, etc!


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